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After considering Force of Vigor in Vintage Pitch Dredge decks, I have made the following findings in adding Force of Vigor to the sideboard and to the main deck of Pitch Dredge.

Adding Force of Vigor to Pitch Dredge will have to include additional green cards to exile to Force of Vigor in order to cast it.

I have found that most Pitch Dredge decks use a creature to give your other creatures haste such as Flame-kin Zealot and Dragonlord Kolaghan. While both are effective they are neither blue nor green that can be exiled to Force of Will or Force of Vigor. I believe Maelstrom Wanderer is a good alternative to be added to Pitch Dredge that is both blue, green and can be exiled to cast Force of Will and Force of Vigor and should be added as the “Haste” creature.

Force of Vigor in the sideboard:

I would like to recomend three different sideboard options that can utilize Force of Vigor. These recommendations assume that there are four Golgari Grave-Trolls and a Maelstrom Wanderer in the main deck.

Sideboard option one:

4x Force of Vigor
4x Noxious Revival
3x Shambling Shell

Shambling Shell can be take the place of Golgari Thug and can be exiled to Force of Vigor. The ability to be Dredged to your hand after being discarded or dredged from you library makes it an excellent candidate for the sideboard. Shambling Shell is also a green card that can be added to the deck without causing much disruption to the natural workings of Dredge decks.

I find that adding four Noxious Revival would be good candidates for being cards that you can exile to Force of Vigor. Noxious Revival is a good utility cards in Pitch Dredge decks allowing you to recover a Bazaar of Baghdad and getting a second Bazaar from your graveyard. Noxious Revival is also good at getting utility cards from your graveyard such as Force of Will, Force of Vigor or getting a Hollow One into your hand. Other applications include putting a card onto of your opponent’s deck that they may not want, saving a Bridge from Below from being exiled and putting a Narcomoeba on top of your library.

Sideboard option two:

4x Force of Vigor
4x Basking Rootwalla
3x Vengevine

Sometimes there is an opportunity to sideboard cards in that make your deck more aggressive rather than to come up with answers to hate cards. Survival decks have been popular for playing Hollow One, Basking Rootwalla and Vengevine with Bazaar of Baghdad. Hollow One and Bazaar of Baghdad are already in the main deck and Basking Rootwalla and Vengevine are both green cards that can work well in Pitch Dredge when combined with Bazaar of Baghdad and Hollow One. In my play testing I do find that getting the appropriate combinations of cards into your hand is inconsistent. But there are a limited number of green cards that work well in Pitch Dredge and this may be a good option.

Sideboard option three:

4x Force of Vigor
4x Elvish Spirit Guide
2x Nature’s Claim

This option allows there to be six cards that can destroy artifacts and enchantments that work well in combination with each other. Elvish Spirit Guide and Nature’s Claim can be exiled to Force of Vigor. Elvish Spirit Guide can be used to cast Nature’s Claim as well as be able to pay for taxing sphere effects when casting spells. Casting Force of Vigor may be consistent with this option, getting one of the four copies of Elvish Spirit Guide to cast Nature’s Claim is even more consistent alongside with Force of Vigor. This is the best option when working against Leyline of the Void since it has an option of casting Nature’s Claim and not relied of anything from the graveyard.

When sideboarded into the main deck, all three options provide a total of sixteen green cards to be utilized with Force of Vigor. Golgari Grave- Troll has an increase chance of getting into your hand since it can be dredged back into your hand. I prefer option one the best when it comes to being the overall most effective.
Force of Vigor in the main deck:

With the London Mulligan taking into effect soon, Pitch Dredge may not rely on Serum Powder as much and there may be decks that do not include Serum Powder. Having the extra four spaces in Pitch Dredge may enable enough room to include Force of Vigor and counter magic as well as being well balanced and effective. The inclusion of Force of Vigor in a Pitch Dredge deck without Serum Powder is demonstrated in the following deck.

4x Bazaar of Baghdad
4x Bridge from Below
4x Stinkweed Imp
4x Cabal Therapy
4x Hollow One
2x Ichorid
2x Dread Return
1x Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite
4x Narcomoeba
4x Prized Amalgam
4x Force of Will
4x Mental Misstep
3x Force of Negation
1x Maelstrom Wanderer
4x Force of Vigor
4x Noxious Revival
4x Golgari Grave-Troll
3x Shambling Shell

There are twenty blue cards and sixteen green cards in the deck, this should be enough cards to support the pitch cards that are in the deck while being balanced and effective. This is of course if Pitch Dredge can still be played without Serum Powders when the London Mulligan takes effect.

Notable creatures to put in Pitch Dredge to help support Force cards are Domia, Sage of Stone, Muldrotha, the Gravetide, Prophet of Kruphix and Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis.

I would like to thank Dr. Rich Shay for recommending to use Shambling Shell as a possible card to pitch to Force of Vigor.