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Honestly, I have not watched the game. However when the Pic of him winning hit my facebook feed I thought I would stop back in here after about a ~5 year absence, and see what happened. I'm a little shocked, and a little bit not surprised by what i have read. I feel; right or wrong, that I should at least provide some incite.

To start I have known Mr. Bogaard since he was 12 – 14, I was in my early 20’s. I was one of the people that taught him Magic. He is exceptionally bright and analytical, almost to much. He sees the the best way to do something and could be very ridged, and slow to change. I think it took me 7-8 years to get him to understand a fun theme deck vs. a good well optimized deck, as well as the benefit of these kinds of deck in teaching the next generation of players. Once I beat this into his skull he became a very good teacher of the game as he took over for me at our local shop. During the Mid 2000’s he is the one who got me into the Vintage Tournament scene around Chicago. He won some lost more, but for him it was not about the winning it was about the challenge, competition and deck building.
It was back then that he joined organized play, and eventually became a level 2 judge at one point. I sold him my collection as I was leaving the hobby; life, wife, kid. He went off to college and started playing more online than in person, but was a big FNM guy for years, and local Standard tournaments. For the past 4-6 years he has not played a ton offline to my knowledge, between being a MD/PHD student and getting married and all that goes with that.

Now with the history out of the way here is what I’m not surprised about:

The way he shuffles. He has always since he was a kid shuffled in weird patterns. It has never given him an advantage. In fact when he would try new patterns it was always to find better randomness. This to me is just habit and nature, that no one has ever had an issue with in any tournament I have ever been to with him.

His sloppy play. Yes I’m not surprised at all with his sloppy play, and I whole heartily believe that it was just big piles of slop. The guy tends to think way to fast and way too far ahead. I told him he should play chess. Even when he was well rested and in total practice, tourneys every month, practice every weekend. He would get ahead of himself, if he was interrupted or distracted he would forget where he was in his turn, and do the stupid stuff talked about in this thread. It is why in my opinion he didn’t win more tourney’s back in the day. In fact in the local circuit we played he was known for this, and people learned to pay close attention to his turns and plays because of it. In fact some people would try to distract him on purpose for this reason.

He never complained or got mad, when he screwed up, he always accepted game loses or rulings that went against him with class. If he made a mistake he realized he always tried to correct it. Judges were hardly ever summoned in these cases. Back then players would try to figure it out themselves first. Only of an agreed upon solution could not be reached quickly would oversight be required.

For the sleeves, any that played him does he still shuffle his hand constantly while thinking? It does not surprise me that they would get beat to hell quickly. At least in the past he would always buy new sleeves for his deck for a tournament, because he beat them to hell.

Sorry for the block of text, but I felt I needed to chime in because this is one person that I know who has always been above board and accommodating. I have found him to be a great teacher of the game and ambassador of the game at the local level. I can see why some of you think the way you think. I understand. I just ask you not rush to judgement.

Thank you for reading and you patience.