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The APAC Japan Island is definitely super sweet. Not a big fan of the swamp though. A lot of people seem to dig it but to me it just doesn't look very swampy.

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Meh, I really don't like this kind of design. All the cards revealed so far are probably not good enough but I think it's detrimental in the long run as the potential for it to be broken is quite high. Doesn't seem worthwhile for WotC to take that risk in a supplementary set targeted mostly at the multiplayer crowd.

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You can make the same argument towards shop decks not really trying to spec specifically for gush decks as well though. It feels to me as if many shops pilots jam the same cards into their deck and insist that the format is steered in a way that allows them to beat the most prevalent decks. When TKS/Eldrazi started to become popular it coincided with a huge, temporary boost to their win rate. Mostly because the best gush lists were those that essentially preboarded for the mirror. Now that they have shifted in their approach the same old, stale shops lists proceed to lose more.
Not actually that surprising.

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One should really note that Gush decks have not shown a win rate substantially higher than 50% in all of 2016. It seems a bit silly to go ranting and raving on about how they are this dominant force without having actual statistics to provide even a sliver of correlation here.

If anything shops was the one delivering 60%+ match win performances.

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@evouga I always wondered why it's an n-proxy rule rather than a "proxy all you want" for reserve list cards rule. Seems like a more reasonable approach to me, tbh.

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You can buy a U/R land for a dollar or two as well. It's just nowhere near as good as a volcanic, same with the violin. Now there are violins that are as good as Stradivari in my opinion but those certainly don't come cheap. And with music being what it is having the name carries a whole lot of weight as well.

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@desolutionist I'd imagine the biggest problem here is going to be that most goods are either reproducible or at least able to be copied by another company without too much effort.
The only examples I can think off on top of my head are Stradivari (and to some extend other vintage instruments), which are funnily overvalued on a consistent basis much akin to magic cards after a buyout and valuable art.

While the former is not necessarily being bought out supply is short enough that the market is essentially cornered, still a lot of them don't reach the desired price at auctions since their alleged value has inflated to a point which even people rich enough to be in the market for this kind of thing can't or won't meet.

The latter however appears to be in a bubble much akin to MtG but for different reasons. Insane demand driven mostly by lack of stable investment options and the desire to own something that's a limited quantity as well as a plethora of soft qualities have driven prices to almost unimaginable heights which surely won't continue in the long term.

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@Dstinct said:

Dollar wise the single prices other than Mana Crypt really aren't any better. Some stuff has dropped, but most has stayed withing $5 of what the price was before.

It's just going to take a little while, people will notice that they can't actually do anything except maybe play Commander with their expensive junk if they aren't willing to invest a couple thousand into vintage or legacy decks anyway. Most people who haven't done so already probably aren't in a position or simply unwilling to do so in the future.