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@typeonestorm said in Dark Times 2016!:

5 Scrubland
4 Balance


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@fsecco My Rock deck cost less than $40 to put together and that's using 'real' cards. If you're looking at using gold borders, all decks are fairly cheap. Not sure how much cheaper you can get.

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People are gonna get river boa'd at champs. Prepare yourselves.

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Really looking forward to putting together my old Rock and slivers decks. Gonna be a bit painful without dual lands but I'm sure the mana is there!

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@stuart said in Brian Kelly is actually responsible for the Unrestriction of Mishra's Workshop:

Please no. Vintage Highlander would just be Blue.format.

Mission accomplished.

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This thread went into the dumpster for a minute, glad to see we're still able to recover without mod interference.

On topic, it's kind of funny thinking of @brianpk80 as the grandfather of all shops players while being known for playing oath. Very "I brought you into this world, I'll take you back out".

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Are there any other notable ways to generate thopters other than Hangarback Walker and the above-mentioned Tezz? I don't think this is a good card, but it is a neat card.

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Any jerks from Michigan coming to this?

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@taef and @JACO I know live in that part of the woods, they may have a better idea.