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@13nova said in London Has(n't) Fallen:

That said, little focus, outside small groups on Facebook, has been on how this rule would/does impact Vintage.

There is this topic on the mana drain. This may interest you if you missed it.

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I tried in Solitaire. With "yield through this turn" you have to select the dragon to attach the aura every loop, everything else pass automatically.

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@k0dy said in MTGO Vintage Challenge compiled results:

I am actively working on a clean solution to the data filtering problem.

You can use "filter views". They change the way we see the data but not their true positions so no problems with formula.

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In general Cabal therapist is much slower that Cabal therapy, you need 3 turns to do what cabal therapy can do in one turn. And he can't be cast freely from the graveyard. That's why most deck that currently play cabal therapy will probably no use Therapist.

But I see two good points to Therapist

  • As long as we have other creature we can do the effect every turn. It can be use to setup some soft lock, similar to what Liliana of the Veil can do.

  • Some decks like TPS cast Cabal Therapy from their hand the turn they want to combo off. With Therapist you can play it some turn before and then save 1 black mana and have an uncounterable therapy effect the turn you want to combo off.

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If you want to play with Mishra's workshop in dredge you can give a look at Erin Campbell deck from VSL or Zias deck in mtgo leagues.

There is only one 5-0 league result so the deck may not be very good. And probably you need 4x Mishra's workshop to play with it correctly.

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@msg67183 Did he play rainbowland in the main ? Only 4 caverns seems low.

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There is also the synergy with Karakas.

Adding some copies along with leyline can help to lock the opponent.

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Wispmare and Ingot Chewer are both elemental, it's a good point for cavern.

If we want some flexibility we can try Flamekin Harbinger. But that don't feel very good with Mana Confluence.

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At the end of the Eternal central coverage you got links to videos of rounds and final. So the videos seem to exist.

Unfortunately the link are not working (at least for me).

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@rat3de To cast Crop Rotation you have to sac a land, when it get MM it's a 2 for 1. When Death's Shadow is counter it's a 1 for 1.