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@cutlex Looks like I have something to do this Saturday now.

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RIW Hobbies, shop opens at Noon, event starts at 1.

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I cut the tormod's crypts from the board for an extra containment priest and a council's judgement. I figured you were heavy on dredge hate because it's so prevalent online and didn't expect to see much. Judgement is kind of a pet card of mine. I tend to like sideboarding random catch alls, although after playing with Teferi he kind of already does the same thing, so I probably would skip it next time.

I beat a BUG landstill deck R1, got to tuck his Jace with Teferi at some point and drain a T1 standstill on the play off of a mox, Having sapphire on turn 1 feels pretty good in this deck.

R2 was U/R pyromancer, both games we traded a bit and I eventually won with advantage generated with a planeswalker.

R3 was PO, G1 we traded down to one card in hand each and I ripped Stony Silence and eventually stuck a Jace to win, the other game I won I hit him pretty hard with Energy Flux and beat him down with Snapcasters

Double drew into T8,

Jeskai Mentor in the quarters, traded some countermagic over a recall and stuck a Jace and brainstormed into misstep for his pyroblast G1, G2 we both kept one land lotus hands and I Mindbreaked his turn 1 pyromancer and then untappped and resolved a Jace.

Semis was against the Librarian of Leng playing 2 card monte. G1 he sticks painter/grindstone and respects my open swords to plowshares bluff long enough to balance with hurkyl's up to get his stuff off the board and misstep the grindstone on the way back down with stony silence the following turn. Took forever to finish that game, I eventually Jace'd him with like 5 cards left in my library after getting poked at with helms and grindstones, and then still had to kill him with snapcaster mages because I had fewer cards in library than he did after the Jace ult. G2 I kept double stony silence triple force and one land and managed to stick a silence and then got to ult teferi and exile all of his permanents eventually. We had a gentlemen's agreement to allow him to cast demonic consultation so my Jace was at about 30 before he consulted for Slimefoot and conceded.

Lost in the finals to Jeskai mentor with Azcanta and sideboard Blood Moon, I mulled to 5 G1, still managed to stick a Jace but couldn't draw out of it and died to mentor, G2 I mulled to 6 and we had an interesting exchange where I Balanced to kill pyromancer with two lands and two moxes, my opponent on two lands and a mox, responds with Gush, so I force it, going to zero cards in hand and he topdecked preordain into land + azcanta after we were hellbent. Eventually died to a JVP emblem.

I dig the deck, it's got game against everything in the format and Teferi is a blast. I'm not sold on Azcanta, it feels like it's too cute and while the Teferi interaction is great, if you stuck a Teferi and untapped with it you're probably fine anyway. Might try JVP instead, or do a 1/1 split. It's also possible that it's correct to add red like your list that you smoked me on stream with a few nights ago, I feel like 4 basic islands might be a bit excessive anyway.

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Just lost in the finals of a 26 person event for a Time Walk with your list from the challenge two weeks ago (other than some sideboard changes).

Teferi seems like the real deal, the removal ability is particularly potent, especially in a color combination that tends to have issues with resolved planeswalkers.

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I top 8d the challenge Saturday before last with this list:

There's also a list that was 9th in the challenge last Saturday maxing out on Spell Quellers and Mana Drain that looked interesting.

I think the main advantage you have over Jeskai is that SFM is better than Pyromancer against Shops, but with Shops becoming less popular online for whatever reason maybe it's not correct at the moment to play it.

I might try playing some sort of Standstill build with an SFM package in the side for matchups where you need a faster win condition.

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It depends on whether you believe that we exist in a deterministic system or not.

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I didn't know the Library held April Fools' Day in such high regard.