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Depending on price/shipping I'm interested as well:-)

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@revengeanceful Perhaps not:-) However, there are in fact several BUG players in my local play group, and I expects these to main deck assassins trophy.

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I played a few test games yesterday with a somewhat stock Inferno Oath list against BUG Control.

He had 4 Assassin's Trophy and 4 Abrupt Decays in his main deck.

My oath didn't trigger once during the whole evening. I desperately hard-cast my Inferno Titan once, but after one swing it got assassinated. I will definitely need to tweek my deck I think.

Now, my losses may be due to lots of reasons, but so far Assassin's Trophy seems like the real deal.

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I live in Denmark. There are few vintage players already that I know of and I have reached out to some of the them. The problem is that we are spread across the country. I hope to get a local playgroup going, which requires that I new people to play the format.

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Hello all,

Just saying hi to all!

I'm a new user to the forum. I'm primarily a 93/94 player but I'm currently (re)buying my way into paper vintage. Last year I complete my P9 + other old school staples, which now allow me to branch out and get the "cheap" stuff, which will allow me to play vintage.

There are not many vintage players in my area but I will try and see if I can change that by hosting small private tournaments (with full proxies) so I get people to play with.

Right now I'm trying to decide on a deck to play. I'm mostly a "One Deck Per Format" kind of player, so I hope to pick an archetype I can enjoy for years with minimal adjustments. Have most of the blue cards but I'm really drawn towards Workshop decks! Any tips will be appreciated.