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awesome report! enjoyed the read.

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Fist bumps are more sanitary.

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I usually print proxies off of : https://deckstats.net. No images just text. It might not be the coolest proxy but there is no question on what card it is. But I would definitely check the rules for the event like the other user noted above.

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@yugular said in PS4:

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I have to mention these as well: I happened to really enjoy Final Fantasy 12, and that was remade this year. - very good game, with a high learning curve but definitely a game children can play IMO.

Would FFXII be something that I should consider if I wanted to hop in back to the FF series with PS4 or should I get FFXV or just wait for the FFVIIR? I got in to the Dissidia closed beta, that is not a FF game tho it has FF characters in it...

FFXV was ok, I finished it earlier this year but it is definitely an American Style RPG. If you like more traditional FF7 titles I would play XII, definitely an enjoyable remake with the class system being awesome. Also, the ability to speed up the game is pretty great.