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I plan to be at Eudo to play.

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Prevents Deathrite Shaman from using its mana ability.

Also, Tomik is a one-sided effect and can fit well into mana denial deck with Ghostly Prison.

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@dshin Two dacades ago I enjoyed playing MECCG - Middle Earth Collectible Card by Iron Crown Enterprises (fun game, complex rules, beautiful artwork - wikilink). You could have only three copies of non-unique card in your deck, and only one copy of Unique card. I liked it more than 4x in MtG because it reduced brokenness and wallet damage 🙂 . So there are merits in your suggestion.

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Very good article. I may disagree with you about Dredge, but I agree with your overall assessment.

I would mourn a loss of Golgari Grave-Troll, but it is ok if the entire format is getting more civilized. Just right now it is some kind of an arms race that ruins all the fun.

On a separate note, I would suggest Force of Will as a candidate for restriction. Playing Magic is all about casting and resolving spells. Force of Will is definitely unfun card to play against. Not broken, though.

Mindbreak Trap is fine as it allows to cast and resolve spells. Specifically the first two. So if you are greedy and want to cast more spells, an opponent may have an answer for you.

And finally, two word - fetch lands. And I talk about Onslaught and Zendikar fetch lands and their reprints. Mirage fetch lands are cool and pretty balanced (not to mention beautiful artwork).

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This is an interesting unorthodox idea. Do we have a critical mass of Elementals we can easily cast for one, maximum two mana? Other than Wispmare and Ingot Chewer, there are only a few others that I see can be useful - Shriekmaw and Flamekin Harbinger. (There is also Spark Elemental that can make zombie tokens, but this is a different approach you tried already with Shifting Wall and Walking Ballista. And since we are talking about fighting Leyline of the void, making tockens strategy doesn't work any way.)

So it looks like if we want to use Cavern of Souls, we lock ourselves in a scenario "wispmare or bust." And this is assuming that we already have Cavern. And since we expect to face Leyline, we can't really maximize our chances of getting Cavern with help of Petrified Field. So, kind of the entire structure falls apart.

On a different note, but similar in spirit, why then not to use Reverent Silence with several Bayous and Tropical Islands? This way we can have more "disenchant" or "boomerang" effects than they counterspells. Just an impromptu idea.

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@blindtherapy said in [GRN] Molderhulk:

so this is an almost-sun-titan that you can exile to ichorid/unmask and sometimes just cast for 2 mana. I am ordering my foil playset and it is not implausible that at some point I will play all four.

This one looks like a promising card for Dredge, but not for all builds. For example, there are no synergies with Ichorid as they trigger on upkeep, and Bloodghast can complicate matters if you need to play a land to cast Molderhulk.

However, it is always nice to have another toy to play with :).

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@john-cox said in R/G hatebears (deck in Progress):

I really like soldier of fortune , for a few reasons, if your using sylvan library its amazing. Also most decks these days are using some form of library manipulation; Sensei top, sylvan, braisnstorm, ponder, preordain, jace etc. I also think that being a dude is an asset, since he won't always be useful (against shops/dredge) so having a body is a good thing there.
I have ordered a playset. Thanks for the idea.

Glad that you found it useful. Soldier of Fortune is less functional than Deathrite Shaman, for example, but he has an interesting ability. With all this group thinking and interbreeding sometimes an unexpected obscure old card can help to win a game or two 🙂

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@dr-j said in R/G hatebears (deck in Progress):

@chronatog Soldier of Fortune? The ol' shuffle-your-opponent's-deck-until-they-quit strategy?

If you decide so. And if you do, perhaps you can combine it with Cosi's Trickster :), but this is a different color and off-topic here.

I would use Soldier of Fortune to make games against library manipulation decks a bit more fair.

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Martyr of Ashes
Melira, Sylvok Outcast
Soldier of Fortune

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@solemn_storm said in Game Layout rules:

A clarification on enforcement from Toby Elliot:
"If everything is clear and both players are acting on mutually-understood information (both active and passive), then we’re not going to worry if there’s technically a violation."

Generally speaking, if you and your opponent don't have an issue with it, a judge isn't going to swoop in and make you fix it,

In other words, it's prohibited to drive on red, but if there are no cars and pedestrians that's ok. It's quite silly to introduce the rule only to tell players to ignore it, but keep the right to punish players for subjective lack of "mutually-understood information."