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I'm generally against Bans and Restrictions in any eternal format, this one is no exception. Mentor has been the most exciting and fun card Vintage has ever seen and now it's restricted. They've been hacking away at shops for years now, one day the tower will fall and shops will go from dominant to unplayable, maybe we are finally here. Personally I think shops is an important part of the Vintage meta and think it's tragic that they continue to pull it apart.
I don't care if a deck or card is dominant, to me that's what new cards are for, like Mentor was. Vintage is supposed to be broken and I'm sick of these bans. Grumble grumble grumble.

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Thanks for the link, I would like a section on TMD for Oldschool.

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@Winterstar I really like Vintage how it is right now. I don't see a need for any more restrictions. All I want from vintage is a slow stream of new and playable cards.

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@cutlex Yep overlooked the word card.

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Too bad Final Fortune, Last Chance, and Pact of Negation are still unplayable with this guy. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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shadow of the grave

I'm really curious to know what the community thinks of this card. I'm fairly new to Vintage so I don't have a great way to start this thread. I can see this working with Memory Jar, Wheel of Fortune, Dack Fayden, Bazaar of Baghdad, LED, JVP, etc., but I'm not sure if it actually fits into any decks, or allows anything degenerate enough to be Vintage Playable.

Update - I had no idea that this preview came from the "So many insane plays" podcast until after I made this post. Sorry about that:

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I was previously calm and only now I'm upset! I felt the format was doing fine, and these restrictions are unnecessary. I see no need to weaken mentor decks when shops is just as powerful or even more powerful than mentor. I don't believe Sphere effects needed help, and I don't believe these restrictions will "Open up the metagame".

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After reading plenty of mentor comments/complaints here on TMD, I feel you have given the best explanation by far. Thank you for this.

You mentioned: ‘shops has the highest winrate but a huge percentage of players refuse to play the archetype.’

This is interesting to me. I’ve only been playing Vintage since September 2015, I started with MTGO (of course). While I play Mentor & many other decks in the tournament practice room, when it comes to entering dailies or the P9 I usually go with Shops. I have access to pretty much any Vintage deck, but each time I review the numbers and play test the various matchups, I always settle on playing Shops because the numbers are there.

I’d rather play mentor gush (probably in the esper colors but I’d settle for jeskai) over feeling forced into playing shops yet again. I play shops because it’s consistantly good and when you play against it even when using jeskai mentor gush you still lose the game one mana short of being able to do something to maybe win or sometimes just anything at all.

You mentioned: Mentor is the best deck against most hypothetical decks. This pushes out a lot of those decks and makes mentor a large percentage of the metagame. Shops then plays a maindeck that crushes mentor and profits.

Would I be wrong to say that since Vintage is so polarized between blue decks and non blue decks it’s inevabitle that one blue deck will always rise to the top as the best deck to defeat the other blue as well as have a chance against the rest of the field?

I’m interested in hearing about what those hypothetical blue deckswould look like. To me the blue decks of Vintage aren’t very diverse, they all have a similar shell. In a format that hardly sees any new playable cards, I’m really suprised to hear players say mentor is a problem. To me mentor is just the new driver of the same old blue Vintage deck. It appears to me that banning or restricting mentor would only cause the format to take a stale and boring step backwards.

Thanks again for the insightful reply.

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@mdkubiak said in SMIP # 65: Amokhet Vintage Set Review & B&R Fallout:

The concern I have about is this restriction seems to be more about outcry of people than actual data

I completely agree, I'm concerned that when they make restrictions based on the complaints it pits the community against each other.

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Thanks for writing this, I wish there were more posts on here like this. I'll never play modern, but I love to look at the decks and imagine what vintage versions would look like and play like even though it's clear there are better options. Honestly I'd like to see a vintage stream that focused on this sort of content.

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What do you know about this store and sign?

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Audio is much better in this episode, thanks.