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TCG mid is a serious problem. Vendors rely on uninformed buyers who look at TCG with their quick phone apps and see a giant number that legitimizes a price. They know the cash value is lower, but when some kid shows up to the trade tables with a binder full of highly liquid standard and modern staples wanting to pick up his first power, or some old Legends card, that arbitrary price means he gets taken to the cleaners. Vendors look at $1500 Tabernacles as an opportunity to take in $2000 in buylist which they can flip for cash faster than the one kid looking to build Lands. It's not malicious; they're just being good stewards of their own inventory and looking to turn a profit. Business is business.

In many ways, we were better off in the days of Scrye. Internet sales were supposed to pinpoint the true value of cards, but in reality it has just become an unregulated market for speculation. The tools we have available are too easily manipulated. I wish a popular site like TCG would start calculating mid prices as an average over time, rather than a snapshot of a single moment. If it took 30 days to drag the needle up on old cards, it would be a lot harder for people to spike a card and cause a panic.

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@gkraigher I am betting that Felidar Guardian didn't see any significant playtesting at all. The file isn't locked that far in advance of printing, and uncommons are tossed in willy nilly all the time. Someone wanted a revolt enabler for limited, and much like Reflector Mage + Collected Company, no one bothered to see the interaction. Uncommons just don't get the same kind of attention and the designers get tunnel vision on the splashy cards without realizing how powerful certain bread and butter effects like flicker are.

That's my guess, anyway.

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Played him tonight in a local paper vintage event. Pretty standard BUG Fish, using him over Edric or Notion Thief. I ran 3, because I was more interested in drawing and playing him to see how it worked than tight tuning. Turns out he's pretty outrageous.

Other than Oath, which this guy laughs out of the room, I only drew 1 card off Leovold all night. The Spirit of the Lab effect outside of white (without reverting to Chains) is the real power. Drawing cards off targeted effects is just fine, but the influence it has on your opponent's decision making is more powerful than the text on the card. You leave them with no good options.

I was never unhappy to see him, even with 3 copies. At worst it's blue to pitch to FoW, but overall the games where he stuck I ran away with them, and the games where I drew him late or not at all I lost. Ended up 3-1 for the night, losing to Shops (really just TKS and Tanglewire).

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@Chase_Dagger Platform isn't really my point. FB is fine, but there's no real conclusion to be drawn from that poll for anything except the specific sample of THAT group, and even then it's not really all that accurate. 122 out of 2042 participants in just that group is about +/-8.5% confidence. That 2042 isn't the entire vintage player population, either.

It's about as useful as a couple dudes bitching about Shops on VSL.

(All low level napkin math. A genuine expert could tell you more, I mostly do qual work.)

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Poisoned Memories - 1B
If an opponent would draw a card except for the first one he or she draws in each of his or her draw steps, instead that player discards a card.

Gaea's Will - GG
You may ignore spells or abilities controlled by an opponent that increase the cost of your spells.
You may spend mana as though it were any color when casting creature or enchantment spells.
(Controlled by an opponent is important, otherwise this is best used with your own sphere effects.)

Hedonism - 1B
Monks, clerics, and knights become 0/1 creatures and lose all abilities.

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@gkraigher I suspect the best use for EMA will be flipping sealed boxes while hype is high, or just tossing them in a closet until 2020.

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The Gearhulks really make me wish there was a viable colored shops deck out there.

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@ChubbyRain You're doing a huge favor to the community by compiling all of that data. Thank you.

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@Serracollector I would 100% be fine with a Misstep restriction. It's not playing the same role as Force. Force imposes deck building constraints that Misstep doesn't, and carries a real cost to cast. Misstep is a highly focused and effective Counterspell stapled to Channel. There is zero downside.

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I don't have any constructive criticism, other than to say if you reached into my brain and pulled out a list of 75 cards I most want to play in vintage.... this is probably it.

Except Misstep. I will go to my grave despising that card even if it's a necessary evil in this meta.

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I love having a vintage back where the restricted cards matter and you cannot reasonably fit all of them into a single list.

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4 Bargain 4 Outcome. The horror.

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Played Thieves yesterday because it's a pile of 60 cards I enjoy playing. Won't claim it's the best but it's fun.

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Basically ask yourself: in what matchups would you rather draw Shatter this turn than anything else in your deck?

If so, now you can.

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I first got into Magic with a buddy around the tail end of Revised. Those decks disappeared from the shelves pretty fast, but by 4th ed / Ice Age we had a group of around 20 together playing every Friday night in a friend's basement. None of us were old enough to drive at the time, so it kept us out of trouble.

I stuck with Magic pretty heavily up through Urza's Saga, mostly playing Type 1 so I could use all the expensive stuff I traded for or won. I was a senior in 99-2k, and by then I had college looming. I ended up selling most of it over the summer for a brief stint with 40k, thinking that painting was something I would be able to do in my dorm. That turned out to be a pretty boneheaded financial move.

I was out of Magic from then until RTR block when some friends opened a hobby shop nearby. I started hanging around, borrowed a Standard deck, and within a year I was solidly invested in Legacy and getting into judging. I didn't actually get back into Vintage until last year, when I finally completed the set of power that I never managed to finish as a kid.

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I'd rather Eureka into Nicol Bolas and Ugin.

I'm no better at evaluating spoilers than anyone else, but I am beyond confident that this will never see play in an eternal format. There number of additional hoops it is worth jumping through for this over a 7/7 lifelink flying Yawgmoth's Bargain is, in every circumstance, zero.

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@evouga I completely agree. I'm just pointing out that it does provide an answer that no other card can replicate. Nothing else clears the stack so completely, so it's nice to see a genuinely new counter even if they have costed it out of playability.

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Not really, no. Matches were Storm w/ Oath sb plan, Oath, Shops, and funky unpowered esper artifact nonsense which did much better than it should have. It was a small turnout of 8, so it's not exactly a ton of data. I did play some vs a Plow deck before the event, and there were so many targets that it seemed to overload removal. Between DRS, Bob, Leo, and Trygon there are too many must-kill creatures to contain with point removal.

The Oath matches he absolutely dominated. Match 1 was directly won by Leovold in game 3 (game 2 I had him on mentor because I saw so few cards in game 1, and sideboarded very wrong). He came down right after Oath in time to net a card off the trigger, and stop Griselbrand cold. Match 2 was the same.

Shops he did a lot less. Tanglewire and Smokestack don't target, and Null Rod switches off most of the things they do. The no drawing effect is useless. He's just a 3/3 for 3. I suppose it would still provide Wasteland protection, but I won't be keeping him in during that match up next time. I'd have rather had another Trygon Predator or more ways of dealing with TKS.

I felt fine with 3 in the list. Worst case, he always pitches to Force.

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Actually no. This is the set Ajani. The pw deck Ajani was also spoiled today and is even worse.

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We have an embarrassment of riches in the Atlanta area that I'm really going to miss. 2 or 3 good legacy events per week, a monthly higher prize event, and a quarterly for power. Plus monthly sanctioned vintage.

I've heard finding events in Cali isn't difficult once you learn to look, but things aren't as organized.