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Boss and lead knucklehead of BMG. Vintage enthusiast and vendor superb. lots of other things too but we're here for vintage......

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well, since this has done exactly what i expected(people whining and moaning for no real reason other than to do so) i got a few other things to announce.
Added 5 EW qualifiers to the calendar for EE7.
Vintage has 2. Legacy has 3.
sept 15th
legacy 5p.

sept 16th
Legacy 9a registration. 10am player meeting
Vintage 5p. bring your cards!! this is Sanctioned play!!

sept 17th.
legacy 3p.
vintage. 2p. bring your cards!! this is Sanctioned play!!

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yea, it's been all over facebook. i tend to forget that TMD exists bc, well, tmd has become a bit of a cesspool and i try to avoid it. we're adding some EW trials for legacy and vintage to the event. sadly, it's too late for some of you to make plans.

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Wanted to drop details about EE7 for those of you who weren't already aware of our series. i'll leave a link here. easiest way to get ahold of me is on fb though or at the fb page.

Main Event - Vintage (15 Proxy)
Sunday, September 17

$100 Entry
Playmat, Dex Protection Deckbox
Player’s Meeting: 10 AM

1st: $1,500
2nd: $800
3rd/4th: $400
5th-8th: $250
X-1-1: 250 CR
X-2: 200 CR

This event will have a HARD CAP of 256 players, preregistration is strongly encouraged.
All decklists are required and will be published

Proxy guidelines: As this event prominently features coverage, proxied cards will be held to a much higher standard. Proxies should, in general, be existing cards with the text modified to reflect the actual oracle text of the proxied cards. For moxen, the colors of each should be clearly identifiable (modifying the Diamond cycle from Mirage or Tempest / C14 Medallions, for instance.) For dual lands, modifying another two-colored land is preferred.

Proxies are at the discretion of the head judge and may be disallowed if they are not clear across the table.