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Me: Bazaar pass
Opponent: Land, mox, sol ring, tinker, blightsteel, pass
Me: Kill you, GG

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It's not luck when you are 9 side board slots deep and you are still losing 2-0. Form a strategy, don't jam cards and expect wins to come.

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Take a look at the oath list that Matt buck piloted at NA vintage champs in 2017, myself and some other people were tinkering with this concept after saheeli was spoiled and we decided not to try and "twin" them and instead only played prison elements. We played limited blue spells in the list as well however. He was on stream round 3 I believe. 0_1539536316979_Screenshot_20181014-125441_Chrome.jpg I couldn't figure out how to import the list so here is a screen shot of it from eternal central.

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I'm a long Island local, the store is run by a dude who has done/said some really awful stuff. He has been under scrutiny from WOTC in the past for saying/posting sexist stuff and I wouldn't be surprised if he has his wpn revoked soon. He's been downgraded in terms of product he's allocated. There have been multiple thefts of decks at the store and he has been little to no help other than a few loud words and no action, his video cameras don't record mind you. Several people who played at the store have been drummed out for cheating in smaller events so they don't get as much of a expose as they should. He doesn't care as long as he makes money. He is one of 2 stores in Nassau that run vintage events. One of the more recent events he tried to run, he purposely scheduled it on a day to compete with the other store that had already scheduled their event on that day, an obvious dick move, then no one showed up unsurprisingly because they guy is a wretched person that few if anyone actually wants to be around.

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I think black decks have a problem actually beating oath of druids decks. The usual way around this is by "beating the oath by killing your opponent" in my experience. As a result I present to you the following card with UBx control decks in mind

Price of Knowledge
Tribal Enchantment - wizard
As an additional cost, pay an amount life (you cannot pay more life than your life total).
Comes into play with x blood counters where x is half of the amount of life paid rounded down.
At the beginning of each upkeep remove a blood counter, if you do each player sacrifices a creature, If a player that did not sacrifice a creature, draw a card (only 1 card is drawn if any number of players do/can not sacrifice a creature). When there are no counters on price of knowledge, sacrifice it.

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Dredge. It is just the most powerful thing I can be doing, has a 50/50 or better match up against most decks in the format (modified by sideboard construction), it has an absurdly strong game 1 against basically everyone, and it's actually super fun and intricate.

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This happened in Japan, I see most people complaining about mentor and shops prevalence in top8s and while this is only 1 event, I think it is a good thing to see and to tell everyone to calm down. While Japan, and Europe have different metas for a variety of reasons, perhaps it is reasonable to start taking into account their results as well since they ostensibly also have a horse in this race. Just a thought.


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@rikter another reason I've found is the popularity of storm based strategies, people usually want to run misstep/fow/mindbreak against those decks which changes a lot of the numbers involved in the decks construction.

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Is there any word on deck lists being compiled for this event, I understand completely if that is not something you guys are doing as it is a massive amount of work.

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My personal dredge list, traditional dredge, has 11 creatures, 2 return targets, with 4 bridge from below. 4 narc, 4 ghast, and 3 ichorid are the creatures, and the targets usually vary on what I think is most damaging to the meta. The bloodghasts are realitvely easy to return to play if you play dakmor salvage, which can be gotten if you aggressively dredge through your library, or petrified field which is also a double land drop as long as there is another land in the graveyard (if you have another petrified field in yard you can loop them).

I tested prized amalgam a while ago (pre ballista) and I found that when trying to dread return, it was always a little awkward with timing but the card is strong as a tempo card and is a viable substitute for ichorid if the pilot wants to play force of will. The 3/3 body is very, VERY attractive in a world where walking ballista can kill every creature in traditional dredge with only activation. My personal assessment of prized amalgam was that if dredge was ever big enough where I needed to beat an opposing elesh norn by dread return, but leyline of the void was not big enough to see substantial play, then the card would be a substitute for ichorid.

I saw a list once that played no cabal therapy, no dread return, but tons of 1 and 2 cmc hate bear creatures like kataki, dryad militant, and Thalia v1.0 combined with the reusable nature of bloodghast to try and tempo out its opponent. While certainly different from the normal strategy, I saw it to be very inconsistent in achieving its goal.

There was a list about a year ago that was playing no dread returns or targets, and 4 amalgam in place. I believe Ryan Glackin, the winner of this nyse, place in the Top4 of the last nyse with a list that did this but I may be mistaken. Dread return is one of those cards that can be really really strong, but also entirely unnecessary in some match ups. There is an argument (although I disagree with it) for cutting dread return in general because the main deck you need to beat with it (oath) is basically extinct. I believe dread return is still necessary for dredge but that's a separate discussion. Against shops dread returning a creature can be the difference between a win and a loss if you can fire it off. At the same time the card could never resolve and you can win or lose all the same. One card I've seen that some people are getting hyped about is hollow one, which costs 2 less for each card you cycled or discarded during the turn. This card has some serious strengths, and weaknesses, depending on how you view it.

The bottom line for creature packages is this, it all depends on the type of list you want to play. Traditional lists don't allow for a lot of variations because of how tight the space. More experimental lists that appear usually online, are different in that they often play a different strategy from traditional dredge so they are not as constrained to run the same number, or type of creatures that traditional dredge runs. Hopefully this helps a little!

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I don't know how you feel about adding red but I play this list online a lot. It's difficult to play and requires a considerable amount of patience but it's very strong in my experience.

Uwr "fun police"
4 mana drain
4 force
3 misstep
1 pyro blast
1 fluster
2 swords
1 Supreme verdict
1 balance
2 moat
3 jtms
1 chandra torch of defiance
2 dack fayden
1 snap
1 clique
1 con sphinx
1 karakas
4 tundra
3 volc
2 island
1 library
3 on color mox
1 lotus
1 Sol ring
7 fetch
1 cruise
1 dig
1 recall
1 bstorm
1 ponder
3 preordain
1 time walk

2 tormods crypt
1 pithing needle
2 rest in peace
2 containment priest
2 tremors
2 stony silence
2 arcane lab
2 pyroblast