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This card has so much flavor that even Emeril wouldn't salt it, but i don't think its a vintage playable. The contraption seems hard to assemble, and the upside isn't high enough.

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Ankh of Mishra is fascinating tech for this meta. Well done.

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Great job as always Matt and Ryan! Congrats to Rich on winning the event. 9th place really leaves a salty taste in my mouth and I'm already looking forward to the next one.


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Andy, Will Dayton and I have worked together on our shop decks for about a year now, and have had a lot of success proving that "shops aren't dead" after both chalice and lodestone restrictions. Andy and I were on 73 of the same cards, and Will was about 72. Andy had one chalice of the void maindeck and I had an Umezawa's Jitte in that slot.

Was really great seeing you SaturdayShoot me a PM on Facebook or a text if you have questions. I only check TMD when someone tells me to.