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I'm gonna scoop up all the "Didn't drop but still last" prizes from here on out! Every misplay = tons of knowledge. Thanks for putting this together and I am looking forward to haphazardly piloting a new deck at the next event!

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Fantastic thread. I have put together a list similar to this but have not gotten much testing in with it yet. The games I have played with it have been extremely grindy and I love it.

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The decks look awesome! I heard there was some mindslaver action from Jacob.

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I really love that 4c Leovold list. Any deck that runs Tasigur is awesome!

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I thought I'd see if anyone was still interested in talking about Grixis Thieves.

I like this list that I came across by Tyler Wilcox.

A few thoughts.

  1. I like the idea of jamming Kess into the creatures slot over a notion thief.
  2. Inkwell instead of Blightsteel I assume is to protect it against other Dacks Faydens and exile spells.
  3. Echoing truth and toxic deluge as a way to deal with boards that go wide?
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@stuart I really like metamorph addition! Going to have to try that out.

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I only bring up white eldrazi because the local meta in Austin, TX had a few white eldrazi decks in the top 8 of the last tournament. I like adding baleful in.

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Played this deck last night against White Eldrazi and went 2-3. Found that I usually ended up way behind if I didn't have a thoughtsieze or bob in my opening hand. I run 2 abrupt decay in my sideboard but might up that number since I'm not sure what to do about reality smasher, and thought-knot seer.

Usually the games I won I was looking to stabilize by turn 3-4 and at pretty low health, but using drs and mana denial on his board was the best way to come back.

What decks have you played so far with this set up so far and what are your thoughts?

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Just proxied up this list! Seems like a lot of fun. I was playing with something similar with Kess in the spot for Dire Fleet Daredevil. I liked her a lot but she cost four and usually got hit by pyroblast's in a vintage event I played in every time I cast her. If she stuck to the board it was amazing!

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My friend played the 5c humans which took a lot of blue players by surprise. I played the Leovold kitchen sink with a kess thrown in for fun.

This was our first vintage tournament and chance to play the format.

The 4c deck was fun but had a very steep learning curve. Managed to get some pretty spicy board states here and there and had some fun casting multiple time walks with kess.

The 5c deck nullified a lot of mental missteps and fow. Punished players for casting non-creature spells. I lent it to my friend since he’s an aggro player at heart.

Can’t wait for the next event!