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We had 15 players, so it was 4 rounds of swiss with a cut to Top 8. The overall field was 4 eldrazi, 1 mono-red prison, 1 burn, 1 nic fit, 1 UW control, 2 PO, 1 Shops, 1 Oath, 1 Grixis welder, 1 Grixis Tinker, and 1 UR xerox.

After it was all said and done, Oath stood victorious.

  1. Niv-mizzet Oath
  2. UR xerox
  3. Shops
  4. Grixis Welder
  5. PO
  6. Eldrazi
  7. PO
  8. Mono-red prison

Deck lists should be posted to soon and I'll edit this post with the link.

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Hey! Just wanted to give any interested parties a heads up. Storm Brew Games in Edmond, OK is having an EW vintage trial on Sunday, the 22nd.

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@warfordium Hey man! Happy to chat with you about it. My email is