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Is there a central vintage organization strong enough to create standards for use and format guidelines outside wizards similar to commander?

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I think we do need to accept the fact that fixing this issue is not removing the RL, because that does not address the one way street of power creep in the format, and it is not printing more powerful cards to invalidate the RL stuff, because that never works. It is very likely a reshaping of the entire format and maybe even the game. I think it was the wrong way but companions, and Lurris specifically was a good example of this. Incentivize players not to use the broken stuff for other broken stuff that precluded the use of the RL stuff. We did not show good tolerance for this change in the format but I suspect something similar would be needed to get us out of the spot we are in.

Removing the Reserved list and releasing secret lair the power 9 for 500$ and secret lair duals for 300$ would massively drop the price of entry into the format which is I believe the concern that you are talking about. Alpha lotus may stay expensive but that does not mean I cant play my SL one at a paper tournament and honestly I think that it would greatly reinvigorate the format however the scale and unpredictability of the effect that chucking the RL would have on the game and marketplace as a whole is impossible to overstate.

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Land Tax- Scroll Rack is highly effective although it requires sacrifices both in mana base construction and in playing some number of cards that aren't good without the other piece and provide little additional value in duplicate.

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@protoaddict said in Price Spikes & Paper Vintage:

Collectors are worse for the game in the long run, if you really want to compare the 2. Finance people gain no benefit from sitting on inventory they cannot move, so eventually those cards filter back into the market. The price may spike but if no one is paying it, eventually it will drop.

There is no way that the very slowly dwindling availability of these cards because they found forever homes is worse for this game than artificially and massively raising demand of said cards.

Short term yes but long term no.

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Could we do a burning oath idea where it gets something like past in flames and walk to set up the combo with the second run?

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Usually not better than cage but if you have a lot of 2 card monte or storm in your meta it might make the cut if you are already running leylines to help conserve slots.

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Just don't play the EC ruleset because 4 strip mines makes me want to scream.

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This format does seem really cool, I am sad I missed it.

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The only giant I can think of is the molten giants form the old kelly oath decks.

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How about a land that rewards you for having taken damage from your lands that do not have a basic land type. Like:

Y Land

Whenever you life total decreases on your turn put a storage counter on Yland.
T-> remove X storage counters from Yland and add X mana of any color combinations to your man pool.

So this would incentivise pain and fetches/shocks.

Probably printed alongside tricolor pains

T-> U
T-> B or R you lose two life.

These could probably form some reasonable mana bases for some form of big blue deck if the graveyard calms down and being slow becomes possible again.