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You cast the first one to find your Aven Mindcensor and then the next three copies are pure value!

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Not sure if an existing deck needs/wants this, but this is an interesting way to fight against Ravager Shops. Turns Hangerback and Ballista into blanks while making Overseer and Ravager into 2cmc 1/1s.

Also blocks a Tarmogoyf/Leovold all day while immune to Assassin's Trophy or Abrupt Decay.

This is my first thread on The Mana Drain, so let me know if I've formatted things wrong or anything.

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I'm excited by this card. Pro-Multicolor also means that it cannot be blocked at all by Hogaak or Sphinx of The Steel Wind.

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This was a good listen! The data presented for card of the year was really interesting, thanks for putting it together Kevin. If you ever have extra time when producing this, I'd love it if you included some data for cards from other years in this section for comparison.

For instance, I'd be interested to see the numbers for Jace, The Mind Sculptor or Jace, Vryn's Prodigy brought up when talking about the power of Narset, or Nature's Claim/Disenchant when discussing Force of Vigor.

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My unrealistic solution:
Restrict Karn, then print a 4 mana one sided null rod and a walker that tutors colorless cards from the sideboard.

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Nice looking list Zias! Another bonus of using the Ballista / Serpent over Memnite is it lets you chalice for zero without turning off a bunch of your own cards.

Wfain, Mergalf, I think I will try OUAT again, thanks.

I think the next idea I want to try out is a Tiny Robots / Hollow Vine mashup using Genesis Chamberand skull clamp.