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This was a good listen! The data presented for card of the year was really interesting, thanks for putting it together Kevin. If you ever have extra time when producing this, I'd love it if you included some data for cards from other years in this section for comparison.

For instance, I'd be interested to see the numbers for Jace, The Mind Sculptor or Jace, Vryn's Prodigy brought up when talking about the power of Narset, or Nature's Claim/Disenchant when discussing Force of Vigor.

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Nice looking list Zias! Another bonus of using the Ballista / Serpent over Memnite is it lets you chalice for zero without turning off a bunch of your own cards.

Wfain, Mergalf, I think I will try OUAT again, thanks.

I think the next idea I want to try out is a Tiny Robots / Hollow Vine mashup using Genesis Chamberand skull clamp.

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Wfain, I count 13 1 toughness creatures in that deck and no maindeck Ouphe or Null Rod, so I'd try a skull clamp in there. How has Hope of Ghirapur been?

Also, if we're posting vengevine decks without Survival Of the Fittest in them, over the weekend I did two leagues and a vintage challenge with this deck and went 11-5 in matches. I'm still tinkering with it, there's probably an ideal list I haven't figured out yet.

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It's maybe a little better than phyrexian revoker if you play it before they've played a walker, but oh so much worse if you play it after.

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This + brain freeze + black lotus or lion's eye diamond + at least 6 cards in the graveyard is a kill. It doesn't take many cards so it could be fit into any shell that can make a little red mana (as a treat) and put cards in the yard.

If you have 24 or more cards in graveyard you can skip directly to step 3, and just cast lotus 6 times to increase storm count.

1.Cast lotus from yard, crack it, then brain freeze targeting yourself (Storm at 2 from casting Underworld Breach). You've netted 2 storm, 3 cards in your yard and 1 mana.
2.Now Lotus twice and cast brain freeze targetting yourself again (storm at 5), milling 18 cards and netting 4 mana.
3.Recast Lotus one last time (8 mana) and cast brain freeze targetting your opponent twice, (storm 7) for 24 cards, then again (storm 8 ) for 27 cards. You can even cast Brain Freeze in response to Brain Freeze storm trigger to increase storm count.

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I've played a couple of leagues similar list, Force as only blue pitch spell, add Bloodghasts, Hogaak, OUAT, Petrified Field. The deck is fun to play, as it's very fast and a lot of opponents don't totally know what's going on so you get a little edge from that. I'm 5-5 in matches, not a big sample size. I don't own Force of Negations so that's why I went with a Hogaak plan instead.

It mulligans about as much as dredge, but you're much less likely to steal a win on a mull to 2 or 3 like you are in dredge. It also doesn't have the Plan B of just being a hate bears deck like Survival does when it has a slower start. Obviously HanChoBai is doing really well with all the blue pitch cards, but I'm not seeing how this is better than dredge or survival. I'd love to watch someone really good at this deck play it, maybe I'd get it then.

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You could also ignore your opponent's creatures and just use this to target your own Welder to activate it a turn early or get two activations in one turn.

It's closer to a crimson wisps but trading the cantrip for occasionally stealing a creature.

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I'm excited by this card. Pro-Multicolor also means that it cannot be blocked at all by Hogaak or Sphinx of The Steel Wind.

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With misstep restricted, I'm seeing more Surgical Extractions. What do y'all think of adjusting the numbers of each dredger to make surgicals less effective?

My current dredgers and what they dredge for:
1x Golgari Grave Troll = 6 dredge
1x Golgari Thug = 4 dredge
4x Shambling Shell = 3 dredge each, 12 dredge total
4x Stinkweed Imp = 5 dredge each, 20 dredge total
Making a grand total of 42 dredge with 5 green cards and 9 black cards. With this list, opponent is most likely to see a 4-of dredger and get maximum value from a surgical.

Proposed dredgers to make Surgical a bit worse:
1x Golgari Grave Troll = 6 dredge
2x Golgari Thug = 4 dredge each, 8 dredge total
2x Shambling Shell = 3 dredge each, 6 dredge total
2x Greater Mossdog = 3 dredge each, 6 dredge total
3x Stinkweed Imp = 5 Dredge each, 15 dredge total
Dredge Total 41 with 5 green cards and 7 black cards. With this list an opponent is most likely to see a 2-of dredger, making our long-term chances of getting back in the game better.