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You could also ignore your opponent's creatures and just use this to target your own Welder to activate it a turn early or get two activations in one turn.

It's closer to a crimson wisps but trading the cantrip for occasionally stealing a creature.

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I'm excited by this card. Pro-Multicolor also means that it cannot be blocked at all by Hogaak or Sphinx of The Steel Wind.

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With misstep restricted, I'm seeing more Surgical Extractions. What do y'all think of adjusting the numbers of each dredger to make surgicals less effective?

My current dredgers and what they dredge for:
1x Golgari Grave Troll = 6 dredge
1x Golgari Thug = 4 dredge
4x Shambling Shell = 3 dredge each, 12 dredge total
4x Stinkweed Imp = 5 dredge each, 20 dredge total
Making a grand total of 42 dredge with 5 green cards and 9 black cards. With this list, opponent is most likely to see a 4-of dredger and get maximum value from a surgical.

Proposed dredgers to make Surgical a bit worse:
1x Golgari Grave Troll = 6 dredge
2x Golgari Thug = 4 dredge each, 8 dredge total
2x Shambling Shell = 3 dredge each, 6 dredge total
2x Greater Mossdog = 3 dredge each, 6 dredge total
3x Stinkweed Imp = 5 Dredge each, 15 dredge total
Dredge Total 41 with 5 green cards and 7 black cards. With this list an opponent is most likely to see a 2-of dredger, making our long-term chances of getting back in the game better.

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I know it's more of a Legacy card, but it seems like these will be some fun new toys for Food Chain if they're castable from exile.

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I've been trying out 2x Stitcher's Supplier with 2x Cabal Therapy in a BUG shell with 2x Hogaak/4x Bloodghast. This is my first time playing vintage without missteps and it feels completely different.

Cabal Therapy has been really strong. Without missteps, I actually had someone force of will a flash backed therapy yesterday and it felt great. I'd be happy to run 3 or 4 of these.

Stitcher's Supplier hasn't been very impressive so far, may cut them for a zero cost creature like memnite to more reliably trigger vengevines and flash back therapys.

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My unrealistic solution:
Restrict Karn, then print a 4 mana one sided null rod and a walker that tutors colorless cards from the sideboard.

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Rules question: How would this work with split cards? I know when looking at CMC you add both sides together, but this seems different. Does fire-ice get seen as 1U and 1R, or as just 2UR?

If it does count as two different costs, split card tribal would be a fun deck to try, though obviously not competitive.

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This looks great!

I think Reality Hemmorage or Complete Disregard may be possible sideboard cards to remove a Collector Ouphe as they can both be played off the top of the deck while Forge is in play. Might need to rejigger the manabase a little for it though.