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Flash would not stop an ability that has already triggered though.

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@wagner The art could be lifted straight out of Mirage block. I really like it.

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How is $300-400 cheap for a computer game?

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@gutocmtt Right, Chalice is obviously a card you play in your combo deck. That’s totally synergistic. Silly me for asking. 🙄

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On what number would you typically play Chalice of the Void? Everything from 0 through 4 seems to hurt your combo in some way.

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Any one-mana threat is weak to Misstep. Shadow has a synergy with Misstepping their Misstep on your threat that most one-mana threats don’t have.

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@moorebrother1 I don’t think it’s hard to find good discussion, but you won’t find it in these “omg the sky is falling again” threads.

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Full proxy Vintage in Groningen, the Netherlands next Sunday.

Location: Proeflokaal Hooghoudt, Gedempte Zuiderdiep 61, 9711 HC, Groningen, Netherlands
Date: June 2, 2019
Doors open 12:30 PM
Event begins 13:00 PM
Entry: €5
REL: Regular
Playtest Cards: As many as you like; be considerate of your opponents.


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@dr-j Only if you replace all the draws with dredges. If at any point in the turn you draw actually a card, Narset prevents subsequent draw events from happening, so you can’t replace those with dredges anymore.