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Thank you for the reply! I am fortunate to have a full set of duals/fetches, so the extras aren’t a major concern for me.

The real concern is purchasing the more expensive pieces of power. I go back and forth on what to buy. If i save longer and purchase the moxes/lotus, it will open the opportunity to play more decks. But the bazaars will be cheaer and its for 1 tournament a year.

I’m leaning towards the bazaars because I do enjoy playing dredge, have played it online for a while. I’m so torn!!

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Hello everyone! I am looking for some advice. I wish to play paper vintage and make the most out of Eternal Weekends (which will by my only weekend of the year traveling for events starting in 2020). This means that I need to purchase cards toward those decks. I play a decent amount of Vintage on MTGO and love the format, but want to make the most and play it in paper.

This leads me to deck choice. I’m thinking about dredge, since bazaars are obviously much cheaper than the rest of the expensive power pieces. Is it reasonable to play dredge in the years coming? And do we think dredge will always be a meta game staple in vintage? My other big fear is purchasing these bazaars and then have dredge be unplayable.

Leads me to last question, purchasing these pieces. Should i purchase these pieces at events from dealers or try to go online (like SCG, CFB, CardKingdom) to get these peices, and what is a realistic price to pay for bazaars in HP condition?

Thanks ahead of time and I hope to see everyone at Eternal weekend 2020!!

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Yeah, so played a bunch of games today and lost every single one lol, I think im gonna play a fair deck to get used to the format. Gonna start with UWR Xerox, seems appropriate. Tried it and won a few games.

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@Brass-Man Thank you for your reply, it gave me alot to think about and I decided to make some adjustments to a list that I think that I will like. Using 3 theif/3 narset with tinker/blightsteel or voltaic key/time vault combo for the win. I'm excited to give it a shot!

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Hello everyone,

I tinker (haha) with Vintage from time to time and more recently want to begin taking it seriously with leagues on MTGO and trying to qualify for the Vintage championship playoffs. Here's my problem, I love love love love Tinker/Blightsteel combo. I want to use it in a grixis shell (most likely a thieves build) but can't find any current lists. Is the deck just gone/to bad to play? Should I just focus on whats in the top 8 of MTGGoldfish? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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@Brass-Man Thanks for the reply! I didn't think about special contortion but that could be a great sideboard card. I think I'll try it as a 2 of and see how it goes against mentor decks.

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Hello, I have some questions for a shops player regarding the sideboard card Duplicant. Do you find it works well against opponents monastery mentor? Thanks in advance.


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@Islandswamp Ok cool, im ognna give it a shot. do you think crop rotation is an ok card in vintage or should i take it out?

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@msg67183 Ok, that sounds like a good idea. I will give it a try and let you know how it worked! Thanks for the advice!