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Have just read the PM's from various people, I will get back to you all over the next few days but in the meantime I wanted to share a couple of other pieces with the art lovers out there, these are not for sale I'm afraid.

First up is an absolutely stunning original of Psi Divisions (Judge Dredd) Judge Anderson:

0_1526159737398_judge anderson.jpg

Sorry for poor quality pic and backlight. The picture has been framed for its total image rather then what the artist intended, hence the messy edges yoiu would not normally see but I like to see the whole thing. This is a really powerful picture and shows Jocks talent way before he got all famous.

Next one is by Dom and also from 2000AD depicting Slaine being crucified, again apologies for back0_1526159935158_Slaine.jpg lighting/reflectionhope you enjoy them both.

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@prospero said in Some original MTG I am considering selling:

For whatever it's worth, gents, I reached out to him about three weeks ago now, and haven't heard back from him yet.

Also, I previously owned Dom's Counterspell art, and sold it to a friend in New York. I trust both the source I bought it from, and the friend it's with now.

I believe Bloom_Meister has prints in a few cases, but am not entirely sure.

alt text

alt text

Hi Prospero,

Sorry for not coming back sooner, life has been busy...

Just pulled out the counterspell to check it, to be honest I am not an expert and bought various Jock and Dom art from the guys in person at GenCon many many years ago in the UK. It 'may' be a print but i really dont know how to tell although the finish is very smooth with no raised elements although i dont know if there would be any with watercolours?? , I did buy it direct from the artist.

The other 3 I have listed here are 100% originals, I had a long chat with Kev Walker about this art before i bought that from him and it was something like £350-400 pounds even back then.

The uncut sheet, in case no-one noticed is black border German Ice Age, in case that matters.


Email me on for a swifter response


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Additionally I have this Framed uncut Ice Age sheet of rares which has been hanging on my wall for many years, open to offers for a good home!

0_1522974440950_German Ice age uncut rares.jpg

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Just been going through some old boxes and came across some original MTG art i picked up at various Gencons/Pro tours many years ago.
The first is Commander Greven Il-Vec by Kev Walker who I had the pleasure of meeting at Mainz Pro tour back in the late 90's (I think).

The art is signed to me but only on the white space around the border. Its also framed very nicely. i would say the art is appx 12 inches by 10 inches. it is in 100% perfect condition.

The next art is the Judge promo of Counterspell done by Dom!. This is a really striking and iconic picture, it is not framed and comes on a black backing paper thats also signed by the artist. I also have a signed card from Dom! to go with it. Dimensions are appx 10 inches by 8 inches.

I am trying to put some pictures in here but please excuse me as I am rubbish at taking them. i can get proper ones taken if anyone is interested.

Also have a couple of really nice Shadowrun originals by Kaja Foglio which I would be willing to let go as well.

0_1522973761953_Il vec 1.jpg
0_1522973775085_Il Vec 2.jpg
0_1522973783061_Il Vec 3.jpg
0_1522973792649_Difficulty at the beginning.jpg
0_1522973800783_Into the light.jpg

Note that the apparent crease on the black backing paper on Counterspell does not look like that in real life, just that the light caught it funny! picture itself has no marks

If anyone is interested please respond here and/or send me a email to