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A grave is the safest place to store ill-gotten treasures.

NYSE 3 winner, vintage champs 2015 top 4.

Unban Shahrazad.

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this card can be cast off mishra's workshop, so someone might play it at some point.
most activated abilities of lands require tapping, so won't be usable the turn this is played.

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@babau it's the same card as Sprite Dragon. they're printing the godzilla promos with two names at the top, one the flavor name related to the franchise and the other the actual rules text name.

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as a one-turn kill condition it's not any better than stormchaser mage, which we've had for a while. this is a pretty good quirion dryad creature, though obviously different from hydra.

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Creature - Elemental Whale


Whenever Heavenly Whale attacks, you may put an instant or sorcery card exiled by Heavenly Whale into your hand.

seems most comparable to arcanist?

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@daniel-worobec yes, but if you board in any of those cards this will not function as a companion in those games.

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@daniel-worobec umori conflicts with dismember. it also conflicts with boarding in leyline, but i think that's about it.

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intuition for breach can be broken up, so you end of turn 2U and then untap and play breach and whatever comes from breach. 2U and then 3UR is a very different cost from 5UUR. additionally, 3x breach is probably not the best intuition; piles involving sevinne's reclamation may often be better, as they let you have access to a lotus/LED in the process, though take 1 more mana get the breach into play.

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@garbageaggro I don't think the choke point is mana, but cards in yard, given than a resolved intuition is probably getting lotus/LED

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does this deck want lotus petal? having one more white accelerator for early thalia when your land drop is bazaar seems worth considering

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@ten-ten flashing the oracle in? it lets you pay 1U instead of UU at the downside of needing to be at 0 cards, i guess. it also gets you through a counter by making them need to counter both, but unearth does that too for less mana.