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@vaughnbros said in Magic Universes Beyond:

From a lore perspective a random hobbit can use it so that is where the cost needs to be.

a random hobbit can use a magic dagger, and those can cost up to 3 to play and 3 to equip.

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@vaughnbros depending on the cost and the equip cost, this probably isn't even playable

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snow/legend/whatever duals would mean, supertypes aside, that you can now run 5+ underground seas, or run a split so you still have lands in your deck vs waste+surgical, or whatever, but that in most cases your legacy deck, and maybe your 4 color CEDH deck, get a lot cheaper.
doing the same thing for moxen just mean the game has more moxen, which is probably not a good idea, and they'd all be banned in commander so wotc probably wouldn't want to do that.
will mtg:40k have some eldrazi temple-level broken mana? will Mount Doom be a legendary badlands? who knows. but we're not getting real moxen.

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there isn't any ambiguity in kaheera. it looks at a certain subset of cards in your deck and checks if they meet certain requirements: lurrus, lutri, umori, and zirda are templated in the same manner. lots of problems with companion as a mechanic from a design perspective, but the templating is fine. it's not Hostage Taker, or printing a card that makes '4/4 tokens' that aren't creatures.

my real issue with companion is that you can play jegantha as your companion with an alladin's lamp in your deck, despite the card being printed with a cost of {5}{5}. I believe this constitutes power level errata.

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@protoaddict said in Lurrus unbanned:

Just an aside I never understood. Why does Kaheera work with no creatures in the deck. The wording is "Companion — Each creature card in your starting deck is a Cat, Elemental, Nightmare, Dinosaur, or Beast card.".

it works for the same reason lurrus works if you have no permanents, or obosh if your deck is entirely lands, or umori if you have only lands... a deck of 80 basic lands satisfies the requirements of all existing companions, despite missing odds/evens/expensive things/cheap things/cats/uniquely named nonland cards
"each creature card in your starting deck is a cat/etc" is functionally identical to "there are no non-cat/etc creature cards in your starting deck"

each creature in your creatureless deck is a cat, in the same way that every vintage champs i've won i've won with a U/G madness draft deck shuffled together with two Unhinged boosters, and every Lamborghini I own is neon green.

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@maximumcdawg said in Lurrus unbanned:

I'm surprised I don't see more companions in Storm or other non creature decks, honestly. The nightmare lord or lurrus would prolly fit.

if kaheera didn't cost G/W G/W, maybe.
decks that can cast it probably have monastery mentor in them, and thus can't play it as a companion.
there aren't many that are really freely available in vintage aside from kaheera in truly creatureless decks, and the fact that any deck could be 80 cards if you really wanted to play yorion. odd/even/3cmc+ all are significant constraints. Jegantha means that among other things, you can't play force of will or force of negation. zirda (activated abilities) or umori(all spells of the same type) are free or close to it in the right deck, though they add constraints to the 75 (boarding in leylines or dismember with umori or cage/defense grid with zirda turn off the companion). lurrus's constraint are substantial: no narset, any other non w6 walker, tinker (unless it's just for vault/key), mentor. in legacy, it meant no gurmag, borrower, TNN, oko. these constraints were just worth it, because of what lurrus did, but wouldn't have been worth it for just a vanilla creature, which is what Kaheera effectively is.

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they put a creature into play, exactly as they say they do. you get valki.
all the ways to get tibalt rely on an effect that lets you cast the spell without paying its mana cost, whether that's bring to light or cascade. you can't just use flash, or an aether vial on 2, or whatever, because if you are just putting a card onto the battlefield, as opposed to play/casting it it's the front side; same reason you can play the MDFC lands off a crucible or courser but can't put them in off a manabond or sun titan.

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point 2:birgi will effectively make harnfel cheaper in many cases by adding mana

this card is at least interesting with top; infinite storm with 2 tops the same way a helm does from the front side, while the back side with a single top is some impressive ability to dig through your deck with spare mana.

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@john-cox the two sides have different names, if that's what you mean, so you can have both out at the same time.
it's an interesting way to design things, a series of legendary cards where the second copy you draw does something without being an ETB trigger or Grandeur.

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WotC publicly approving of proxies is less likely that getting rid of the reserve list. It effectively would be getting rid of the reserve list, but without wotc getting to print alternate art borderless foils of every card involved.