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A grave is the safest place to store ill-gotten treasures.

NYSE 3 winner, vintage champs 2015 top 4.

Unban Shahrazad.

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@maximumcdawg this is a vintage forum, but I'll point out that for modern this does little to stop creature-based combos, albeit not protecting them either usually. not sure if that is fully the intent or not.

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this card pitches to force of will, it's likely playable.

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if preordain can be played in oath decks then bottoming creatures isn't the end of the world that often

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@fsecco the fact that she puts them in a random order notable, yes. with Dig in oath I've heard of people digging so that they know that the last creature isn't the bottom card, having 4 cards below it if they want. activating narset does have a chance of bottom 3-ing a creature, but if that's your only creature there was already an almost identical chance of it being there.

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@protoaddict I'm not sure how much being legendary matters. minus her, next turn minus her and play the second. you don't lose anything really

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@dr-j she is also very good vs bazaar decks in the first ability, as well as in conjunction with dack

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@hrishi said in Is vintage a blue format?:

We play the most powerful cards ever printed in MTG, and a lot of them happen to be blue.

I'm still not entirely sure why prized amalgam is blue but I'm not complaining

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well, probably gonna do this, but I hope SCG is nicer with alter policy this time around. having to find replacements at the last minute sucks, even when it's cheap cards.

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@albarkhane if you're usually casting it off tomb/shop, spyglass is likely just better than needle. you get a peek and it dodges misstep.

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@nba84 what does ashiok do in these piles? do you mean the new jace?