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I'm not saying that it is better than existing combo's. And it would in fact be a new archetype.
I was merely saying that it would be possible to make a(nother) very fast deck. One that could very well T1 Channel into Lich's Mirror or Emrakul, the Aeons Torn.
15 damage by Emrakul or 7 new cards with 34 mana available (15 by Channel, trigger Mirror, add 19 more) on T1, or even T2 is BONKERS BROKEN in my book...

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@BazaarOfBaghdad Channel would be a bad idea, imho. Lich's Mirror is still a card, so are Emrakul and Blightsteel...
Elvish Spirit Guide is also a legal 4-off.

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Ancient Tomb is mostly used against Workshop and Thalia decks.

It provides 2 mana, so it makes it easier to play your spells through taxing permanents, such as Sphere of Resistance, Thorn of Amethyst, Lodestone Golem and Thalia, Guardian of Thraben.

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Didn't Steve Menendian play a Mentor Grow / Gush Tendrils list somewhere last year?

Something like his Pyromancer Grow list, but with Mentors, 2 Therapy, 2-3 Git Probe and 1 Regrowth?

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@5space In that meta I think I would play the basic version.
Shops and Eldrazi have landdestruction AND sideboardhate. This combination is hard to fight through with Pitch Dredge.
Pitch Dredge shines when there are a lot of blue (gush) decks, since their sideboard will be moot when you go Depths-> Marit Lage.

Storm is always difficult, since they're so fast.
With Pitch Dredge you have counters, wich can be discarded by them.
In the basic verdion tou can play Leyline (wich turns off YWill and Dark Petition) and Unmask, although the latter will likely only matter if you're on the play.

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And for total completeness, please don't forget [Europe]

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If I was playing a Brophy style Dredge deck, against another Brophy style deck I would board in:

  • Wispmare; good against Leyline and removes Bridge from Below
  • Leyline of the Void; if it's not in your maindeck, but in your side.
  • Nature's Claim/Serenity
  • If you have it: Chain of Vapor (also gets Elesh Norn)

I would keep in Therapy, since it can get their sideboard cards out of their hands.

I would shave some cards here and there, but not to much. The matchups is about speed. Petrified Field is an obvious side-out.

With a Brophy style Dredge deck against a Pitch Dredge deck, I would only board:

  • Leyline of the Void
  • Chain of Vapor (against Marit Lage)

With a Pitch Dredge style deck, against a Brophy style deck I would transform, removing all counterspells and shave 3 more cards.

With Pitch Dredgde against another Pitch Dredge deck, I would side out 4 Petrified Field and other cards for
4 Urborg and all Hexmages.
Hexmage can be sacrificed to exile their Bridges, while giving yourself more tokens. And Urborg lets you cast Hexmage, Thugs and Imps.

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@boerma I know. And not sideboarding hate would be very, very wrong!
That would let me have 2 clean, fast victory routes. The hate at least shuts down one.

@Islandswamp Thank you.

I've missed Leyline in the mirror. And I think it would be welcome in match-ups with non-token creatures, since it would save your Bridges there.

The biggest issue I've had with the Pharaohs is that they remove my own Bridges.
I don't like Amalgams, since they only enter EOT. On the other hand, the deck is fast enough as is, so I might give them another run.

Pithing Needle is an idea I thought of as well. The toughest match-ups are against decks with landdestruction, like Eldrazi, Hatebears and Landstill.
Let me know when you've any experience with them in a tournament!

Next time I might drop blue and play Leyline of the Void, Unmask and Street Wraith/Gitaxian Probe for speed. The first is better with Ichorid and Unmask, the latter with Cabal Therapy.
Perhaps I drop Pharaoh and Rifstone for 2 Dakmor Salvage and a third Hexmage...

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No Sir, thank you! Wonderful deck.
An absolute blast to play!!!