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I'd expect everyone's main goal is to have fun. Considering this is vintage I don't think anyone is grinding it for planeswalker points. The thing is that everyone's idea of what is fun is very different. For a spike doing well and having fun are synonymous! But there's lots of other people who just like playing their pet deck, or doing something wacky. So everyone's goals are likely based on that. I think the key is to set realistic goals though. If you do in expecting to make top 8 there's a very good chance you leave disappointed.

Personally my goals are to go better than .500, not make any giant punts, and drink some beer afterwards. I also find that I hate playing slow, grindy decks at longer tournaments because I get sick of playing magic by about round 5. So I'm just gonna slam shops and see how it goes.

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For those of you who do not know vintage is a format where the power 9 is played. However, to control the insane power of these cards they and other powerful cards are restricted to a one of.

Isn't that Legacy? I'm pretty sure that's Legacy.

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Ill be around most of the weekend and would be down for vintage most nights. We should try to work it around the legacy side event schedule and pick a time.

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Well said Joe! When I came back to this wonderful game a few years back, after a 12 year hiatus, the community was a big part of what pulled me back in to Vintage. I picked up playing vintage, legacy and modern on MODO and realized that the vintage crowd was by far the most pleasant to play against, so I played it the most.

It's not just that you're less likely to see assholes in vintage, but you're far more likely to have a random chat with vintage players. Tons of people took the time to help me out, talk decks, suggest things and just chat about magic/life in general.

Where card availability is the greatest enemy of vintage, an awesome community full of friendly people is our greatest strength. Let's keep it that way.

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Nice analysis! I'm the player who was being thoughtseized here. Sam ended up taking the sudden shock and grudging my pearl. I ended up TCing into straight gas.

While I do agree treasure cruise was probably the better name (although there's some definite hindsight bias), I think it's even a bit closer than it looks. Sam was playing 4C control with mana drains, so that deathrite was pretty essential to his mana base. He didn't know what I was on, but I'm generally a combo guy and had just cast a vampiric tutor, so he probably assumed (correctly) it was some type of combo. Keeping the shaman alive to attack my graveyard seems relevant there too.

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We need to start doing decklists for these!

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Hey everyone. Names Ben. I used to play back in the type 1 days and started playing again a few years back.

I'm living in Houston TX now and tirelessly trying to build the vintage community here. If you're in the area send me a message!