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I'm not super active on TMD but it was good to say hi to many of you for the first time in person. Can't wait to read everyone's reports.

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Spirits! It's happening!

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I, for one, welcome our spirit tribal overlords.

Casting spirits with Flash through Rattlechains seems like a reasonable way to disrupt.

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I felt so good playing a win and in for the last round...only to get paired vs dredge. 😞 Brain farted in sideboarding (it turns out that Standstill isn't particularly useful) and got crushed after a couple mulligans. ggs Collector and congrats on the win. 🙂

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I played a slightly modified version of the UW Landstill list which made top 8 at NYSE last year at last year's Champs. It was great at champs (the wheels fell off at 4-1 after shitty sleep caught up) and I crushed shops both times I played it.

The white cards, as noted, are really good. These are the stand-out white cards that I feel are compelling reasons to play UW:

  • Swords to Plowshares
  • Kataki
  • Disenchant
  • Stony Silence
  • Rest in Peace
  • Containment Priest
  • Monastery Mentor
  • Supreme Verdict
  • Aegis of the Gods (suck it, storm & mentor)

The draws to black and green, in my view, must be better than these great white cards and there's just no equivalent card to Kataki and Plow. Energy Flux costs 1 more than Kataki and that's big, plus, Kataki isn't impacted by Thorns.

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I would enjoy a season of VSL where the participants can play any day for any of their matches. Locking people in to a deck for a portion of the season leads to weird inbred metagaming which doesn't necessarily represent real Vintage.

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Why would you not want the sanctioning body to ensure the format's health? I don't trust Magic players to construct any kind of healthy format because they are all, on the whole, selfish and have no idea what a healthy format is.

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Started playing in the mid-90s and sold everything (like dumb people did) in college. I started playing again at M12 but once I had a real job I bought back into Vintage after having played Legacy for a while. I'm based in Toronto and go by thedoh in various places. If we sit down playing Legacy I'm probably on Lands; in Vintage, Standstill.

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I would like to see Chalice unrestricted and Lodestone restricted. It was a mistake not to knock Lodestone down in the first place. Axing Chalice was simply WoTC being chicken.

Should anything be done? Probably not. Let's wait for the summer paper events before we all lose our minds.

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I am thedoh on mtgo and other places. Usually playing Landstill in Vintage, when MTGO doesn't lag a ton.