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@xouman said:

Which would be the rough lists?

UW plays mentor, or no creatures at all? Moxen or stony silence? Which kind of removal should play?

UBG would play decay, I may assume? Deathrite shaman too? Some other creatures?

My gut says play the UW version, but there are lots of missing data here.

Before I was posting a list, I wanted to ask advice from Vintage players. My meta has 50% shops, so I UW Landstill is better for game 1. I've beaten Shops game 1 with my friend's UW Landstill deck which is crazy. I was going off LSV list in Vintage Super League with meta calls. I could main deck Steel Sabotage.

I will make a rough list, and proxy up the power I am missing for this weekend.

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I am new to this forum, but long time player of Landstill strategy. I was never able to get into Vintage a kid, but that's why I am here. I wanted to ask the more trusted Vintage community on the internet questions about Vintage Landstill.
Which version is better for an unknown meta? UW or BUG?
I feel like BUG Landstill is great if you want to use LoA, but UW is better in Shops meta. I live in an area where the Vintage meta is very small just like most around the world. Would it better to play UW Landstill since I already Legacy Landstill - the transition would be much easier than BUG.

I have cards for both, so that isn't an issue and with proxies of 10 - there won't be an issue for when it comes to tournament time.

  • Appreciate any advice or comments about this topic.