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Someone is also going to call the second ability useless trinket text as they add them over Voltaic Key to their Karn deck. They're playing a match and suddenly they realize they need to push through two damage against a battlefield littered with Monk tokens. They look at their Manifold Key. They look at their Grim Monolith. They look at Karn, the Great Creator's +1 ability. They scoop out of spite. Vintage.

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@evouga said in [M20] Manifold Key:

@griselbrother Because Voltaic Key on its own is extremely narrow and not worth reprinting on its own in a Standard-legal set.

Before @Griselbrother gets one over on you, Voltaic Key was reprinted in M11. He just can't understand how the power dynamic of Magic could have possibly shifted in nine years.

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@thewhitedragon69 said in [M20] Drawn from Dreams:

Honestly, I think the presence of Narset as an auto 4-of in every blue deck makes this a very playable card.

Oh sweet summer child...

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@evouga said in [M20] Golos, Tireless Pilgrim:

PS: I'm surprised nobody yet has suggested running a miser's Crystal Quarry to go with his activated ability.

It's because Cascading Cataracts is strictly better.

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This post is so no one else comes up with zero hits when they Ctrl+F "Basking Rootwalla" and "Vengevine".

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A few weeks ago @ChubbyRain played this deck. I have no clue how he did because I didn't watch, but The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale and Bojuka Bog seem like the only damn cards left that Dredge doesn't build to sidestep in a post-London world. Bonus points for stunting on anyone brewing with Mystic Gate (EDIT: Mystic Forge. Thanks unremarkable WotC card names!) a la Force of Vigor.