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Hey there. I'm Andreas Petersen from the Vintage Super League and will do some Vintage content from time to time. This time I played a league with my 2nd favorite deck, hope you like it. Oh and sorry for the bad sound at a couple of points in the video. I think I had a twisted chord or something.Video in the article 🙂

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I recorded with U/R and played against PO four times in the league for anyone interested. I'm sorry about the sound at some points, it is fixed for future videos 🙂

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I had a fun time teaching Corey Baumeister my favorite format and we managed to get some sweet matches on camera. I might do something similar in the future, because top pros seem to have an interest in mixing it up and having fun sometimes. Hope you like it 🙂

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Hey there. I just wanted to share my thoughts about the past Team Vintage Super League season. It was a true delight to play and we can't wait to play again next season 🙂 See you guys in the upcoming Challenges!

Andreas 'ecobaronen' Petersen

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Hey there, I'm writing about Vintage and streaming the format on a regular basis. Hope you wanna check out my articles and come say hi on the stream. So far 4th, 9th and 1st at the three Challenges I've streamed 🙂



Thanks a lot guys!