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You will never steal any Marit Lage with that because any serious Land/depths deck player will activate its combo at the last possible time, namely 'end of your turn'.

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If i had a flying Goyf, i would want to attack with it every tunr not really use it for defense. Condition is pretty easy to get against dredge of course but i would probably want to side in other cards than it.
I like the card but not sure if it can fit somewhere in the present meta. Some people tried a blue shop deck some years ago, maybe it could fit in it.

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True, because the COP was (or were) most probably in SB and it is very possible that that person only saw the main deck.

I don't know what is the truth behind all this but either ways it just makes me sad because of the person and because of the format. I was expecting better.

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Not exactly on the topic but i see that both lists are running chains in SB. I love the card but i have always been disapointed when i tried it on various decks.
What are your feelings about it here ?

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@brass-man said in 7/10 split:

The card was sheer and utter madness. I don't know how long things worked this way. I'm guessing they changed the rules on this card before Arabian Nights was out, but I'm sure there were a lot of house rules surrounding the card. If anyone was around the competitive scene in the early early days I'd love to hear how it was handled. I've always been fascinated and terrified by the implications of the card before they added "status" to the game rules.

I had played a few tournaments back in those days. You are right the card was madness (similar to chaos orb in a way). It was not very easy then to get a full playset of it and there was not many competitive interactions with it so people were playing it mostly in casual decks. i remember i saw one being played in a tournament once but a disenchant flew on it immediately. If i remember well, Wizard produced quickly some errata and explanation in old Duellist mag. I still have them somewhere, i will check.

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I tested this deck, not a lot yet but enough to feel how it runs. It does exactly what it is supposed to do and quite efficiently. If i were to compare it to another deck, it would be PO obviously. Now, shop has a true quick combo deck. Not running sphere effect is something : beside the obvious building reasons, it means that the deck is quick/solid enough not to fear blue brokenness (not sure if that word exists but you get the point i think). For an old timer shop player like me, it means a lot.

I am not exactly fond of such all-in combo decks and usually enjoy to have some kind of out if some sand suddenly breaks the machine. However it is just personnal taste and i have zero problem with such kind of deck in the meta.

What is worrying me is not this particular deck but the fact that we have more and more decks like that. I presume power creep is doing that and there is not much that can be done. I don't mind we have a quick combo deck in the meta but if several decks are just doing their stuff as fast as possible with little interaction, Vintage will get soon very boring.

I know that the meta will balance to take this new deck in account and soon that deck will evolve in something less all-in. We will see how things will be in a few months when the dust will come down but i am not very optimistic about future in the long run.

To finish on the bright side, it is nice to see the format is changing a lot and new decks are rising.

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I see only one solution : Llanowar Elves must be restricted (and Wall of Runes too for good measure). I knew that island should have been banned years ago.

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I agree. A friend of mine has been testing it for some time and i played against it (i was on stax shop). The card is really solid and give a sense of inevitability if one can't deal with it quickly.

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One can fetch karakas with it and start some fun bouncing it.
No one really plan to use its activate ability so we are talking about an overcosted card.
I will test it in my stax deck that already run one map but i am not really optimistic about it.

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@log I am happy that you finally could get in. This is the most stupid problem and i am not sure i will want to go to another MKM tournament ... I will try and come to play in Italy if i can. There is also a quite serious rumor about a BOM in Annecy next year in may or so ...