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@maximumcdawg Her ability is.

The name isn't randomly terrible, it's the name of a character in the mythos who's identity is still a secret (not just to us but to Boros law enforcement).

An lol sideboard Oath monster for sure. I would not mind playing a somewhat derpy creature for fun.

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I feel pretty certain we haven't had enough time or games to decide whether the mulligan is better for all-in strategies.

Dredge, for example (the posterchild of mulligans), might not actually be better overall with the mulligan. If we can reach Bazaar with more cards in hand on average, that's a net bonus for the deck, but on the other hand, other decks may reach pieces of hate plus a backup (or their own fast plan) just as easy, giving us a net neutral.

What i do believe can happen is that, at least for the first period of time (some months), Dredge will uptick in popularity as people test it to confirm whether or not the mulligan is better. Which gives us both potentially biased opinions and an increase in Bazaars not necessarily due to increased power but due to perceived increased power.

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@moorebrother1 said in Is any deck fair?:

The concept of interaction is really in the eye of the beholder. I do not find counterspells to be interactive.

The idea that a deck is fair because it’s plan for winning is to control the game and take over is not fair. The term fair should be reserved for Standard in my opinion.

What makes counterspell not interactive? I think there are exciting and unexciting things about counterspells, but it seems whether i like them or not, they are literally 'interaction'.

What does fair mean in the context of Standard then?

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One thing i've wondered about (and i've been playing 3 Forces is various decks on and off for a good while) in decks like this is, can't we play 2 forces? I don't think it's a card that must be 0 or 4 and i see this as doing a bunch of stuff besides blue stew. But it must increase the chance and diversity at interaction, no? Or give you some opportunities to tap out when needed. Maybe 1% of the time the opponent puts you on a force-less deck and walks into it, heh.

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@stuart said in RUG Pyromancer:

Snapcasters (because of Cage)?

Snap is still an ambush viper who can at least get in and chump block to 'gain' you 3-4 life and kill Bridges. But with only 2 Cages (in this particular list) you are probably still going to cast a spell with him sometimes.

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Besides whether or not i like this change or think it's healthy, i've mostly been thinking;

"Does it really matter if Dredge has a 95% or 99% to start with Bazaar".

The answer to that for me is 'not really', but it's mostly what comes up when someone mentions the London, even from non-vintage players. People keep saying Dredge will be broken (and only some of them are saying in jest) and i'm just 'not really, they win game 1 anyway and i can more safely mull to hate in game 2 as well'.

Dredge will not be a broken Tier 0 deck just because of London Mulligan.

I think that this is just a different mulligan and i'm excited to try if it becomes a thing, and things are just fine if it doesn't.

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@wfain It was a game against Dredge, and i figured i'd either land enough hate against them to stabilize, or i'd die too fast to durdle durdle with Squee. I had priests, rav traps, crypts to bring in. But i did have Wonder, i don't know why i said that.

@gutocmtt I had 2 Stony, 2 Flux, 1 Mindbreak because out of 8 people it was once again 4 PO.

@Serracollector Leo also costs 3 and is very difficult for them to remove. If i were playing a version without counters, and therefore more creautures presumably, i'd probably play it again.

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I didn't try Graf Cage last night for vintage fnm as i do think that is pushing it. But i boarded out 2 venges in a couple matches, and i'm not playing Deep Analysis anyway, and was pretty rewarded against my opponents double dropping Cage/Crypt and stuff all the time. Got Leylined at one point and i had no Wonder, Squee, Cruise, and just 2 Venges in the deck.

Again, full disclosure is that i have no experience, but i found it more rewarding not to fight a counter war against opponent's hate. Is that conventional or ill-advised? I haven't really read a sideboarding guide for Bug Survival (or in general).

I also tested out 2 Lavinia with 2 Savs instead of 3 Trops.