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I honestly do not know yet. I only play Vintage once a month, if even that. These are just thoughts I had when I was building the deck at 2am the night before the tournament.

I will gladly defer to those who are more experienced in these matters, because they have the game hours to back up those decisions.

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I agree with hyperborea in the comment of "cut the Eldrazi and play Human/Angel Stompy" if you're removing T-K. A fatty with a Duress is good, and it can finish the game by itself if you get rid of their removal. However, if you're concerned with keeping up the white mana, and not relying on Eldrazi, then Gisela and Linvala are the way to go. They get around Moat, and they are good finishers. Imagine you're playing a Legacy Dragon Stompy deck, with your Thalias and Thorns as the "lock" pieces, and the fliers as the finishers. Besides, this deck has a ton of creature threats. Your opponents can only have so many StP effects in a deck, and they will all cost additional mana. Just keep the pressure on them, and push through the last few points before they stabilize.

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I prioritized the ability to get White mana over Ancient Tombs, as I did not think Ancient Tomb was that important. Adding a 15 white card Sideboard meant that I needed to have White mana in every opnening hand if possible. The only thing that NEEDS multiple colorless are the Eldrazi. With any other land + 1 Mox, I can cast most of the 2 drops in the deck.

I went for enchantments over artifacts for multiple reasons.
1- No Grafdigger's Cage or Pithing Needle so as to blank Mental Misstep. I already have 1 Sol Ring as the ONLY target, and I like to make my opponents have as many dead cards as possible.
2- No Null Rod, as it helps to partially blank cards like Ancient Grudge and Hurkyl's Recall. Not to say that an opponent might actually USE Hurkyl's Recall against me, but hey, you might get lucky against that guy who doesn't know the correct sideboard plan.
3- No Aegis of the Gods or True Believer in an attempt to lessen the effect of Supreme Verdict and Balance, both of which resolved against me when I played this weekend. With Balance, I still have a lock piece on the table, whereas with the creatures, I have nothing but mana sources on the table.
4- I originally had 2 Spirit of the Labyrinth in the sideboard where the 2 Fairgrounds Wardens were, but I made a (literal) last minnute change to add the creature removal in it's place. I chose to lean heavily on Thorn/Thalia effects, and have removal with 3 toughness instead of shutting down card draw. If all your spells cost 3 or 4 mana, then you can spend 3 mana to draw a card, and do nothing for the rest of the turn, pretty much Time Walking yourself.

I consider the mentality of "Mono White Time Walks" when I play this deck. Barring my opponent is playing hyper-control, always having a Force of Will, Swords to Plowshares, Lightning Bolt, or "insert the right answer at the right time" in EVERY draw step, I am going to get at least 2 free turns against them over the course of the first 5 turns. Turn 1 Thorn/Thalia, turn 2 Thalia 2.0, turn 3 T-K Seer or Reality Smasher, seems like a "nuts" draw for this deck, but it happens more often than you think.

It's almost like a Shops deck, in the sense that you make your opponents spells cost more, make their lands come into play tapped, thus buying you a few extra turns to beat them with dudes. By the time they can stabilize, you have them at less than 6 life. Just push trough the last points of damage if you can.

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There was $30 entry tournament at The Geekery HQ, in Astoria, NY this weekend.
I think there were 16 players, but the final standings had 14 players. Maybe some players dropped and I just did not pay attention.
5 rounds, cut to top 4.

For some reason I cannot find my notepad, so I do not have the play by play, but I will list the matchups and the results.

R1: Sylvan Mentor (2-0? I don't quite remember, I apologize.) (ended up 4-1)
R2: Bomberman Oath (2-0)
R3: Jeskai Mentor (2-1)
R4: White Eldrazi (1-2) (This person had a better sideboard for the mirror, and went 5-0.)
R5: Ravager Ballista Shops (2-1)

My opponent for Rd 4 was 1st in standings, I was 2nd, another Shops player was 3rd, and my opponent for Rd 1 was 4th. Upon reaching Top 4, we all decided to split the prize, and as such, there is no report for Top 4 matches.


  • I did not play any 1 drops (except Sol Ring) intentionally to blank Mental Misstep. This hurt in my mirror match, as I had no StP for opposing Displacer. Opp won games 2 and 3 due to him wrecking my lands and then using Displacer / Containment combo to clear my board. Both games 2 and 3 his life total was low, but I could not kill him fast enough before he was able to use Displacer to win.

  • I ended up sideboarding in the Fairgrounds Warden in every single game. I was desperate for more removal, as the Displacer combo did not show up in most games. It worked very well in the Bomberman Oath matchup. Game 2 I ended up using Thought-Knot seer to exile Auriok Salvagers in opp's hand, then he Oath'd a Blazing Archon. I used Warden to exile the Blazing Archon, and opponent did not Oath for the rest of the game.

  • I believe my sideboard needs a little work. HOWEVER, THIS FEELING IS PRIMARILY DUE TO MY INEXPERIENCE IN VINTAGE.
    Rest in Peace was useless, at least for the matchups I had, but it is vital for the Dredge matchup.
    Leyline of Sancticty is for Oath and Tendrils.
    Stony Silence and Kataki are for Shops and Paradoxical Outcome matchups.
    I wish the Fairgrounds Wardens were in the maindeck.