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@gutocmtt Hi, that was probably me. The mono-blue belcher is great against anything without interaction and survival often gives just enough time to pull it all together. Took it to a tourney this weekend and not only was it super fun, it tied for 3rd out of 11. Had a few T1 wins and some opponents who were excited just to see the topdeck reveal as I belched through the deck, with Academy already in play. It can be easily disrupted, but has enough threats to punch one through and go for it. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

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that just cracked me up 🙂

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@The-Atog-Lord said in MTGO Outside Assistance:

For what it's worth, I never talk to anyone during VSL matches. I shut down chats and don't check anything while I am playing in that (outside of the chat that coordinates the games).

@ajfirecracker said in MTGO Outside Assistance:

So you recognize that there is some sort of fairness principle at play?

This FTW