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@desolutionist said in [ELD] Wishclaw Talisman:

@mike-noble said in [ELD] Wishclaw Talisman:

@desolutionist said in [ELD] Wishclaw Talisman:

Fast mana has always been restricted. Any card they print that uses the unrestricted fast mana is going to be too good.

Whether or not I agree with anything anyone is saying, I like the sentiment that Survival of the Fittest is too good because Elvish Spirit Guide is unrestricted.

Yeah and Gemstone Caverns too. Way too good.

Mishra's Workshop is fine though because it only casts artifacts...

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I would expect that decks aiming to win on turn one are bolstered tremendously by the restriction of Mental Misstep. Isn't this what everyone said would happen?

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@desolutionist said in SMIP: My Suggested B&R List (2019):

Like why is Mystical Tutor-Tinker-Bolas totally fine, but Workshop, Mox, Mystic Forge is some scary thing that people can't handle. Blue can have all these avenues to do whatever they want and as soon as Shops as something reliably decent, it's a huge problem for the internet.

Because Mystical Tutor and Tinker are restricted and Mishra's Workshop is not.

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I don't see it either but when I hover above your text I get a link which takes me to a page that says access denied so it seems like you're hosting the image from behind a login on another website.

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It can just tutor for key vault once they're locked out of the game with the bridge and lattice it has previously fetched. A hard lock is as good as a win.

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@kistrand said in Single Card Discussion - Lavinia, Azorious Renegade:

So UW control with Lavinia in it seems pretty absurd. You can counter everything but opponents can't FoW or misstep back. Throw in wastelands to keep the opponent's land count down and caverns to safely land Lavinia and other humans (Snapcaster, baby Jace and finisher Mentor) and you're good to go : )

I agree. This card slots into blue white landstill very easily and is excellent in that deck making all your counterspells more difficult to counter and also hosing opposing "unfair" strategies. Isn't dredge traditionally a difficult match up for landstill in game one?

While I have concerns that xerox and paradoxical will slot her into their maindeck to consolidate the meta it seems just as likely that this card will bolster landstill against paradoxical causing a shift to a slightly more diverse meta. I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out. Hoping for the latter option of course.

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@stormanimagus It only appears so low as a result of the changes to how league results are reported by Wizards. That's why it jumps to 50% for larger events. They can't hide that data by selectively reporting results (like they do with the 5-0 league results).

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@smmenen Do you ever review cards that have not been personally requested of you to review but that you would personally like to? If not, have you ever considered it?

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@topical_island Good Point. That was a poor example. There aren't that many other situation where there might be riders
on a land but, you're right, Boseiju doesn't get hit by sphere because it doesn't produce multiple mana. I've edited the original post.
Thanks for pointing it out.