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@thewhitedragon69 said in Vintage Infect:

The issue with bolt is that they don't just bolt willy nilly that I can counter with invigorate. They take the 1 infect-damage all day long and bolt in response to the invigorate when I try to kill them in one turn.

If you're going to respond to my advice with mansplaining Infect gameplay then I don't see any further reason to help you.

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The nice thing about Infect is, if built properly, it'll pray on the Xerox decks that have been doing well recently. This past weekend had a deck with 4 Pyroblast in the maindeck win a Challenge. Presenting a slew of green spells seems adequately prepared to sidestep that, and since they aren't white decks they'll have to rely on Lightning Bolt which can be "countered" by Invigorate and other +4/+4 instants. Phyrexian Crusader, while good on paper, seems bulky compared to just dropping a small threat early and running it to victory before they can dig deeply with their Preordains and restricted draw.

Focusing on blue/green, with maybe a splash of white, would fix the horrendous mana (Mana Confluence being the flagbearer for how bad your mana is) by alleviating the need for BB in an otherwise two-color deck. The utility lost by Leovold and Abrupt Decay could probably be made up by powerhouse cards like Oko, Thief of Crowns and, honestly, Brainstorm/Ponder. The hypergeometric chance of Leovold showing up in a deck with only Ancestral Recall as extra card selection made him nearly a blank anyway.

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Oh. I was hoping your data was more recent than >9 months ago.

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Phyrexian Crusader feels like you're breaking your mana to reinvent the wheel. The same removal exists in Legacy, yet the successful Infect lists are often only blue/green with the occasional white card due to the incidental mana generated by Noble Hierarch:

Since you're able to cite a 4-1 record, can you give a breakdown of what those 5 decks were?

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Message from the Card Titan Twitter account.

With 99% of tournament Vintage occurring on MTGO it’ll be exciting to see the marquee event of the year do the same.

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Maybe BlackLotusT1 will return to the drawing board

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Illusory Angel 2.0 is a weird thing to get bent out of shape over.

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An Alhammarret's Archive that can't be cast off of Mishra's Workshop? Don't sign me up.

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To me, there will always be a breaking point between 1-71 and 72-present. The community as a whole felt like it fundamentally changed during that point, with big faces leaving a new big faces starting to get their footing in the format. Due to this I'll always look upon 71 fondly, even if it was inherently broken.

I'm surprised @Protoaddict hasn't ventured into this thread yet. I'm curious what their favorite era is.

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Great article! I'm also loving the discussion in the comments. It goes to show the bad eggs aren't willing to actually talk about playing.