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This thread made me log into TMD for the first time in probably close to a year.

I sold my cards in 2014. I borrowed cards to play EW in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, as well as SCGCon 2017 and 2018. However, even in 2018 a deck getting stolen would be a bank loan to replace.

Now, I don't anticipate ever playing a game of Vintage again. My gripes with the format aside, it is no longer a bank loan. Borrowing a deck is now risking having to sell my house and get divorced to repay.

Cards are unobtainable. I live in the midwest and have a near-six figure job. My house is worth over 350k. I do pretty well for someone who is 34. What is my point with that? That even making what I make I couldn't ever justify buying even duals right now let alone any vintage staples. As someone who makes upper middle class money, this game is unobtainable to me. It truly now is only a format for the upper class, or the majority of folks who bought in earlier and didn't sell out.

If I owned any cards now, Id be selling them to pay off my house or my wifes student loan debt. Obviously peoples finances are vastly different, and I can't fault anyone for keeping cards, but personally I think it is foolish for anyone with any debt whatsoever or anyone without a solid retirement plan to own any Reserved List cards.

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@ten-ten It was Sam Krohlow's list: I played it on stream too, it needs some work, but still feels powerful.


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Can I request 9th - 12th gets a Badlands, because they're bad and didn't top 8, and 13th through 16th to get scrublands, because they're scrubs who BARELY Top 16ed?

(this is a joke post)

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@desolutionist said in Tassa's oracle:

This card is better than Lab Man, but Doomsday really just wants 4 Gush.

This literally will never happen again, and rightfully so.

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I love the old school approach to the prize payouts/entry fees for this. I really hope it goes well for you.

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Regarding Doomsday, this card really changes the math of doomsday stacks - I like the Laboratory Maniac more because you don't have to play laboratory maniac as the last card in your game, so you could cast it earlier and still win. I have actually won games by casting Laboratory Maniac, then using Time Walk to fuel the Doomsday stack.

This card drastically changes the math to Doomsday, so there's a lot of analysis to determine if this card is better than Laboratory Maniac.

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I really enjoy Pioneer. as someone who enjoys the competitiveness of Magic, Pioneer is great. There's a lot of interactions, and unlike eternal formats, and even Modern, you can't just "get vintage'd". EVERY game I've played (outside the games where Sam Black demolished me, but 3 of the green cards in his deck are now banned), I feel every game I could have made different decisions which could impact the outcome of the game, which isn't a feeling I get often in Vintage; I'd say 50%. The games where you get "lol Ancestral, then force your first spell, then tinker" really don't feel good.

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The question again comes down to money: $4,000 USD for Bazaars, or $18,000 USD for a Set of power? Thankfully Reserved list cards are starting to drop.

The next question, without getting into finances, is what @nedleeds said - do you want to play Dredge, even if it's the worst deck, or do you want to have different options?

Also, you could buy the bazaars now, the power later, and have the option for both, OR for Survival.

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I thought Grave Troll was going to be a big hinderence to Dredge but even @Smmenen played it this year at EW. I THINK it is a safe choice.

I have a line on a set of Bazaars but I think it is more a finance question - if you buy the power you also need to buy shops or duals and forces and fetches. Its more a matter of how you feel you can best justifu yourself.

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@babau Flash Unrestriction would make the format EVEN WORSE than it is now. I don't want to play against turn 1 Bargain into Omniscience every single game via Flash - Rector.

Flash is at least 3x as dangerous now as it was back in the Protean Hulk days.