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Great episode! Didn't know I was part of this MTG Underground... but I guess I must be?

@GrandpaBelcher said:
How do you participate in the MTG Underground?

Let's see if I understand the question:
Running 75 card proxy events in Sydney, substance abuse being closely linked to my magic playing... And generally, playing/loving/following Australian/7 point.

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@rbartlet said:

@10k I'll be back again later this month for a few days... Hardly long enough for a league though.

There are Legacy events on the 15th and 22nd. If you're not around for those, feel free to bring a deck of the format of your choice and we'll slap some games whenever we can fit 'em.

I maintian that this is relevant to overall conversation because one of the events is a proxy event... #MTGUnderground

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@ConBurnMadMan said:


My sentiment exactly!

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As a relatively new vintage player, what I like about vintage is playing against peoples' busted decks filled cards I'll never afford, at a table of 12 at a GP side event in Australia and stomping the shit out of at least half of my matches with Eldrazi.

I love it because I get to meet real deep magic-heads who; run stores, have played for eternity or, just love the game even more than I do. I've made much better friends playing vintage, 7pt/Australian Highlander (seriously the best format ever made, even with vintage in the mix) and legacy than I have playing formats where people actually give a shit about planeswalker points.