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"Anyone here play Australian Highlander?" - Me, in most rooms with Magic players.

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As a relatively new vintage player, what I like about vintage is playing against peoples' busted decks filled cards I'll never afford, at a table of 12 at a GP side event in Australia and stomping the shit out of at least half of my matches with Eldrazi.

I love it because I get to meet real deep magic-heads who; run stores, have played for eternity or, just love the game even more than I do. I've made much better friends playing vintage, 7pt/Australian Highlander (seriously the best format ever made, even with vintage in the mix) and legacy than I have playing formats where people actually give a shit about planeswalker points.

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@ConBurnMadMan said:


My sentiment exactly!

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@rbartlet said:

@10k I'll be back again later this month for a few days... Hardly long enough for a league though.

There are Legacy events on the 15th and 22nd. If you're not around for those, feel free to bring a deck of the format of your choice and we'll slap some games whenever we can fit 'em.

I maintian that this is relevant to overall conversation because one of the events is a proxy event... #MTGUnderground

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@rbartlet said:

@10k Tom?

It's a shame that you missed out on the Sydney Leagues.

Yes. And yes.

Move back and start another.

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Great episode! Didn't know I was part of this MTG Underground... but I guess I must be?

@GrandpaBelcher said:
How do you participate in the MTG Underground?

Let's see if I understand the question:
Running 75 card proxy events in Sydney, substance abuse being closely linked to my magic playing... And generally, playing/loving/following Australian/7 point.

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@JACO said:

You do not want to side out Warping Wail in the mirror. It kills opposing Mimics (or if against White Eldrazi, kills like 1/2 of their creatures). You can side out Null Rod in the unpowered "JacoDrazi" mirror for more removal, but you're honestly not that likely to face it.

My latest list has cut another Matter Reshaper for another Crucible main. I'm working on finishing up a very long piece for publication hopefully early this week that will be on EC.

Interestingly, I did play the JacoDrazi mirror in a recent event. I think you're onto something with playing another crucible. I won by cutting my opponent off all mana completely and having enough things to side in instead of Rods. He told me after the match that he had nothing to side in accept one Dismember. Makes casting Endless One for more than 5 feel pretty amazing due to your opponent's inability to answer it.

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I'll be around for Saturday July 30 > GP Sydney Side Event Vintage, 10am... I'm looking forward to playing. Just wondering if anyone on here was going to be there?

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@Thewhitedragon69 Eldrazi made me put modern down and get deeper into Legacy. Then they came to Legacy... now I play Eldrazi in Vintage. I also love and hate Eldrazi haha.

EDIT: Thanks for the article @Islandswamp - great read. Mildly disappointed you didn't opt for "Did you think we'd seen the last of the Eldrazi in Vintage? I Thought-Knot. " in the opening paragraph.

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@Protoaddct said:

  • Black lotus, sol ring, mana crypt - So interestingly enough, these become really quite strong if you are in a position where you can side out your null rods. Landing a turn 1 Thought Knot is really strong in a mirror match like this one. It feels strange to say play lotus in your side, but there it is. Against other decks where you would side out these cards like most white hatebears decks, they are also very good. I think the moxes though are just not good enough so i would stick to Sol, crypt, and lotus.

This is a little out of my league, unfortunately. But something I'll keep in mind if I can borrow for paper, or if I go in on MODO for Vintage. I do own a Crypt and obviously Sol Rings in paper... but would they be worth it? I am finding it hard to judge!

Right now my WIP board looks like this (based off Jason Jaco's colourless deck that came 10th at NYSE IV):
4x Grafdigger's Cage
4x Leyline of Sanctity
4x Leyline of the Void
2x Spatial Contortion
1x Warping Wail

The Leylines of Sanctity were in there for storm stuff... but could also be good against Endbringers and Thought-Knots if I brought them in? Seems bad and not totally worth it. Would that be better than the Wails, Rods and Chalice?

Thinking that changing the Wail and/or a Contortion in the in the board for a Waste, Dismember, Jitte or further Crucible now though. DECISIONS.