The Mod Squad - decklist and primer


I've been playing with a similar deck, although I didn't think about animation module-nice find.

I like Chief of the Foundry out of the board. I think I like it more than crucible of worlds. Although crucible #1 is uncutable.

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This list is gas, but the sideboard needs a ton of work. Agreeing with @gkraigher that Chief of the Foundry is incredible, I don't think I was ever sad to see him and I brought him in a lot: he definitely is maindeck worthy. The postboard games against Oath and Dredge were very soft, but that's a bit tough to avoid. I think I would pick one to focus on and abandon ship completely on the other (probably selecting Dredge over Oath). I'm not sure how well Crucible ultimately fits in, as I replaced mine with Wurmcoil Engines; however, I wished that they were Crucibles a lot. The spot removal was awesome and won me a match.

Special note on Null Rod: I only brought them in for one match, and, while I didn't see them, I was very happy they were there. More specifically, I never felt like drawing one would have been a hindrance. Conversely, I won 100% of the games my opponents played Null Rod against me. It did literally feel like they were Time Walking themselves.

I disagree with some of the listed sideboarding strategies (especially your value of Tangle Wire), but in general I think the advice is sound.

I'll probably write up a mini report and some more thoughts later, but wanted to get a few out while fresh.

looking to run this at a local event in the coming weeks. going to run a mix of inspector/chief in the main. very excited to be less and less dead to null rod/ss.

In an unrelated note, wurmcoil engine is no longer playable in vintage. There are too many null rods against the Eldrazi list that you are unlikely to cast the card. And against shops, there are too many sack outlets to get around the life gain.

Again, I'd rather have the castable chief of the foundry against both decks.

Anyone try Panharmonicon in these lists? Getting 2 moxen/planeswalkers etc off Revoker seems really good as does getting double counters on all your dudes.

@Serracollector I don't think that works as well as one would hope; those aren't triggers.


As [card] enters the battlefield is not a trigger.

Also, acrbound ravager, hangarback walker, and walking ballista do not have enter the battlefield triggers either. They enter the battlefield with those counters, nothing ever triggers.

So panharmoica does actual nothing.

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@cutlex what does your current list look like? I am interested in running a more streamlined aggro list that is resilient to null rod (to the point of possibly running it in my board).

@gkraigher said in The Mod Squad - decklist and primer:

As [card] enters the battlefield is not a trigger.

Then why can you Stifle a Phyrexian Dreadnought's effect as it comes into play? Is it the difference in wording between "as" and "when" ?

@Minkar indeed. "when" triggers, "as" does not

@Minkar fun fact: you used to not be able to Stifle the dreadnought.

@studderingdave the list he provided is resilient to null rod. If you want to make it even less impacted, you could remove some mix of Steel Overseers, Hangarback Walker, and Animation Modules to maindeck the Foundry Inspectors. Then you can put something fun in its place in the sideboard: probably Chief of the Foundry, Precursor Golem, or something to help against Dredge.

Alternatively, you could check out some of Montolio's lists that Brassman mentions.

@cutlex I like a dedicated flyer as well. Even a hellkite is a great beater under null rod.

Basilisk Collar seems like a great 1-of in lists with 4 walking ballista

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Took down a small vintage tournament with this list tonight. I played against shops aggro, not sure, show and tell, dredge,dredge, Mario karts. I think I only lost one game

playing the deck a bit more i did cut an animation module.
It's good to have one online but 2 is awful.
However, i'm not convinced with this sideboard...

Any concern about the presence of Animation Module turning on your opponent's Mental Missteps game one, when they would otherwise be dead?

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