Vintage 101: Going Ballistic!

Islandswamp shows you how Walking Ballista blasted its way through the latest Vintage Power Nine Challenge!

Thanks to @diophan , @Thiim , and everyone else in the event.

This UW deck is at the same time awesome and weird. I wish whoever played it commented here a bit about what it plays like. No draw engine seems risky. I don't think the deck needs Preordains, but I'd say 1-2 Jace TMS seems good

I touched on it a bit in the thread that was linked but you don't really need a dedicated draw engine in this deck. The creatures are your card advantage mechanisms by providing pressure while also being another spell. I wouldn't be opposed to JTMS in this deck but I don't think it is necessary and outside of SFM this is very much a draw-go style deck so adding an expensive sorcery speed draw engine seems counter productive. Also if you really want to draw cards fetch Sword instead of Batterskull and go to town. 😉

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