Unpowered colourless Eldrazi sideboard.

I've just started playing Vintage and was hoping for some feedback on what cards should be considered to sideboard in unpowered colourless Eldrazi. As of now I'm thinking of playing Grafdiggers Cage and probably Leyline of Sanctity and Leyline of the Void along with Serum Powder. Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

If I may ask, why Serum Powder?

@JACO maybe you can help a lot with this?

I would look at things such as Ratchet Bomb, Tormod's Crypt, Dismember, All Is Dust, Crucible of Worlds, Trinisphere, Thorn of Amethyst I think are all decent ideas. It just depends on what you are expecting in your meta.

@mdkubiak I want to play the powder to split up the Leylines if I go 3 on each Leyline and board in all 3 with 2 serum powder it would help find the Leyline I want for the match having chance at +2 mulligan over 1 Leyline. Thorns in main Ratchet bomb seems reasonable thanks a lot.

Are you playing in paper or mtgo? If paper, proxied? The reason I'm asking is how do you feel about white Eldrazi?

@mdkubiak paper, I've playset of both Thalia just felt the mana for the colourless is better haven't seen many unpowered white eldrazi.

Seriously, if you can play proxies in your local events, I'd advise you to not play any proxies at all and play the deck you would sleeve up in a sanctioned event.

It's better to know your deck in and out than play something else. The unpowered Eldrazi decks have a great angle of attack and plenty of efficiencies by not running power.

@gkraigher that's why I'm tryin to work with the colourless build it see like one of the best powerless decks in the format, the white powerless seems to have far more mana issues.

I wasn't suggesting a white unpowered list, but a powered list. If he plans to take it to a sanctioned event then yes I advocate not playing the powered list. But if he doesn't, I don't see the harm in proxing.

I'm in no way saying he's wrong doing unpowered Eldrazi. I love unpowered Eldrazi. The deck is great for the format.

You have to figure that White Eldrazi is basically a Two Colored Deck, which obviously means it will have more mana issues than Tribal Eldrazi which is One Color (Colorless).
Having played Colorless Eldrazi i will say the deck is certainly good, but it needs ALOT of work to be able to beat Mentor, and I ran 4 Thorn, 4 Rod, 2 All is Dust, 4 Dismember for the matchup.

@msg67183 I Agree, I'm running 4 Thorn, 4 Rod, 2 dismember and 1 spacial Distortion main right now. Revoker seems really important in the mentor match because all their planeswalkers get them so far ahead and taking the turn off attack a player is rough.

other good "colorless" spells are mental misstep, surgical extraction, gut shot, phyrexian metamorph, porcelain legionnaire, and mindbreak trap, depending on the meta.

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I know this goes against the common consensus but I've seen a powered tribal eldrazi do some serious damage too. That list had to run Rod in the board for combo matchups instead of main deck, but it had some explosive starts. I'm sure both strategies have merit.

@TotesColin start with Derek gallagher's list from eternal weekend, then consider trends in the current meta, basically ballista and outcome. Other cards to consider is misstep for cantrips decks, mindbreak trap for combo

@DemonicAttorney his is the list I've been working with and seeing missteps working well in Vintage Super league sideboard seems good just worried about them through my own thorns. The traps I'll deffiently be picking up

@Islandswamp I'm running non powered for the cost I played my first match of vintage before making an account and posting this powered tribal eldrazi looks tremendous.

@gkraigher I'll probably add the missteps and traps just need to see how manageable they are through my own Thorns thanks for the suggestion.

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