After having my Vintage backpack stolen last May, I've been out of the Magic thing, except for some local proxy Vintage tourneys (TMD's BC always has an extra deck).

But more importantly, after 15 years, I finally got a recording studio up and working. LotusHead is my "Band Name". and has been since the mid-90's. Also, the internet smartphones and YouTube are all a thing now. So while I am crushed that 20years worth of magic cards are gone, I at least have my other hobby back: making stuff!

Behold, LotusHead:
It's "rock" and is not related to MTG (I wrote the lyrics in 1992). But it's a video showcasing "my mad editing skills". Also, I wear a costume directly ripping off FSociety from Mr Robot.
In otherwords, feel free to share it with anyone wants to know about actual bands based on Magic Card Names. 🙂

Also, super props to BC and Aahz for hooking me up with some excess Workshop pieces, so I can rebuild a 15 proxy deck.

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It's nice to hear positive things come out of this community. Deep down at the end of the day, when we're all done slinging mud both literally and figuratively at eachother, it's nice to see people still care.

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