How to build up to this list?

This is the decklist I'm building. I'm missing the following:
Ancestral Recall
Black Lotus
Mox Emerald
Mox Jet
Mox Pearl
Mox ruby
Mox Sapphire
How do I best get here, and budget these cards for zero proxy in the meantime?

If you are honestly trying to buy in to vintage, I can give you some advice, for me changing over from modern/legacy to vintage and selling the cards that wouldn't be helpful anymore in vintage got me a good portion of the way there. I went from cheapest piece to most expensive, but other people go the other way, and start with lotus.

If you already own time walk and most of the rest of the vintage cards, maybe start with like a BUG list, at least then you don't need all the moxen, and the then your big wants are Lotus ancestral first, and you can make do without all the moxen to start.

Powerless eldrazi is also a thing that you can work up to and is playable in powered vintage.

@jmabry What exactly are you asking? I'm not sure...

@jmabry Start with a list that doesnt run all the moxen if you want to maximize your ability to play without proxies

While your personal journey to power is a classic vintage experience, it's kind of a tough thing for us to give you any advice on. What you're really asking isn't a magic question, it's a personal finance question. Nobody here can give you a good answer without knowing stuff like your income, your regular expenses, and your savings goals. If somebody gives you advice without that information, that advice is bad. Honestly, even if you were giving us that information, TMD might not be the best place to get personal finance advice. (There's a lot of really smart people on TMD, some of whom are pretty well off, but this isn't exactly our speciality, and we aren't exactly unbiased.)

If you want advice on how to save up money to buy cards, and whether or not you SHOULD save up money to buy cards, this is not a good place to get it.

If you're looking for deck options that are cheaper but still competitive, that's another story entirely, and there might be a lot of people here with good opinions on that. (With the collection you already have, I'd look into Gush decks that don't run full sets of power).

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