Back by popular demand, I've completely updated and revised the "complete vintage checklist" of Vintage playables, to help folks 1) organize their collections, 2) build trade and buy lists, and 3) assist with deckbuilding. In addition to a full length article, this product has a spreadsheet that comes with it that is already pre-populated with numbers and fields to help you update your collection.


The 2016 list has been taken down and replaced entirely with this one.

If you acquired the 2016 list, I've provided some helpful tools:

  1. A complete list of cards removed from the 2016 list


  1. A complete list of cards added to the 2017 list that weren't in the 2016 list


  1. An appendix (with links) to all of the major Vintage tournaments from 2016!

Official blurb:

2016 had a near-record number of new printings seeing play in Vintage, from Thought-Knot Seer to Paradoxical Outcome. Whether you want to organize your collection better, or track down cards you may want to use in Vintage tournaments, this article and accompanying spreadsheet is the perfect tool. In addition to providing a complete list of Vintage playables by color, this article also identifies all of the new cards that saw play in 2016 (new printings and otherwise), as well as cards that disappeared from Vintage tournaments. This is a great resource for new and old Vintage players (and collectors) alike.

Please note this download is in ZIP format, and includes both the full PDF article (outlining the methodology for selection, as well as the complete list of cards), coupled with a handy multi-tab Excel spreadsheet that you can further use to manipulate cards and quantities. Once you have downloaded the file you will need to unzip it to access the documents. 7Zip (multiplatform), Peazip (multiplatform), izip (Mac), and Unarchiver (Mac) are just a handful of the free unzip tools available if you don’t already have one handy on your computer.

As always, please let us know what you think!

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Just picked this up!

I've been sorting my collection recently and this is really going to come in handy 😄

@Smmenen Thanks Steve, was sort of wondering if there was an update coming. Based my collecting on your list the past year or so.

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