If you're a Vintage player in the Northeast, or want to make a trip to New York, I highly recommend you guys keep that date free.

More details to follow...

Grand Prix Vegas with a Legacy GP is the weekend before. As with the last Vegas GP I would expect 40-50 person side events. Its the only eternal GP left this year and will probably pull away non locals who dont want to travel for Etrernal two weeks in a row.

@nedleeds Certainly, but there are conflicts nearly every weekend with one event or another. I'm already competing against a Team Limited GP in Columbus that weekend.

Some people who intended on heading to GP Vegas may not want to do a trip to New York shortly thereafter, and I understand. I certainly don't blame them; there are many things that Vegas offers that I cannot.

I know of a few players who are looking to hit both events, using one week's vacation.

While the GP is certain to get a great turnout, the foundation of the support for the N.Y.S.E. is built from the NY/NJ/PA community, most of whom will not be attending GP Vegas.

Lastly, there is going to be an attendance cap again. If I lose a few of the people who choose Vegas instead of the N.Y.S.E., their spots will likely be taken up by those who would have been otherwise unable to make it because of the attendance cap. I could be wrong, but I think I'm going to hit the cap for the event.

We had 157 last year, and we're going to cap at 150 this year (give or take two players). I want to have a big event, a successful event, but the stress between the venues and the cost, and what that does to the prize support, is real. Last year's venue was not what I wanted it to be, and I won't do that to my players again. Power runs more and more with every passing year. The weekends in June are usually tight, and you always have to try and dodge Father's Day. Sacrifices have to be made in a lot of little places. No event is perfect; these events are a reflection of the decisions of the T/O and the people with me who help make this event possible. I do the best that I can, though I acknowledge that the events could always be better.

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Sounds good. Only pointing out that this year it's the only eternal GP you'd be in conflict with. With a cap of 150 no doubt you'll likely hit it on folks driving or training in locally. Best of luck!

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