What's your opinion on buying in to Legacy Miracles?

(I'm sorry Vintage... you are my first love. Please don't be mad at me.)

Do you think that it's a good idea to spend about 100 dollars buying in to Legacy Miracles right now. With the latest round of bannings, I find myself a little worried that come the next update Miracles might get axed with Top, or Brainstorm getting banned, especially with the growing tide of... oh well Legacy is just a bunch of Miracles and decks that can't beat Miracles. What do you think? Is it worth it to buy in and take the time to learn the deck?

Do you like the play style? Can you sit through 9 rounds of playing control? Do you have good card mechanics for using Top, or are you going to go to time each round?

@spook I'm excited to play the deck. I can't claim to be good at it but I certainly don't mind learning to use it. Physically I think I'm dexterous enough at least to not have that be a limiting factor. Really I'm just worried about a banning.

The only cards not useful in vintage in a miracles deck are the miracles.

Unless you do something silly like I did and hide a miniature Bomberman package inside a miracles shell. Then yeah, pretty much all of it is vintage playable except the miracles.

And hell, Terminus is fringe playable anyway.

@Winterstar I mean. It would be about 75 bucks... a little more to buy all the lesser cards like Predict and Entreat and that stuff. I just don't want to practice this deck for months only to see it get tomahawked.

I would say that it is unlikely that brainstorm gets banned, the most likely future bannings if they decide to hit that deck are Top, Terminus, and Counterblanace in that order. Either way, there will still be a control deck in Legacy (probably more similar to stoneblade if that happens) so it wouldn't really be a huge loss.

I follow Legacy pretty closely. There is about as close to a zero percent chance that Brainstorm gets banned. As for Miracles, it is very unlikely to have anything banned, as the deck has been dominant for years now with nothing done.

I'd be surprised if anything gets pulled in the near future, as it's been left unchecked for so long. The other issue though is that it is the most tedious deck to play and was the main reason I stopped playing legacy, which I used to enjoy. Although skill is involved, mirrors (and you'll play a lot of them) soon begin to make you want to to poke a spoon deep into your eye socket and stir.

they won't take anything away from that list. it's a fair deck.

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