If anyone is interested, Hareruya is running a medium sized (7 round) Vintage event on Twitch right now.

Link: https://www.twitch.tv/hareruya

Round 1 looks like White Eldrazi vs. Aggro Car Shops.

Edit: Tournament name is "8th God of Vintage Challenger Tournament"

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The finals ended up Paradoxical Storm vs. Rav shops.

Round one: Paradoxical Storm wins the die roll. Gets to storm count 22 ish before resolving paradoxical outcome, opponent sees DT in hand and a ton of artifact mana and agrees to scoop it up.

Round two: Shops deploys thorn and tks n quick succession.

Round three: Storm mulls to five, opens with Ancestral, looks like anyone's game. Turn one for shops sees workshop, sol ring, mox, mox and attempted thorn which meets FoW. A follow up revoker lands and names lotus. The next turn storm digs a bit, and the following turn the shops deck lands tks and arcbound ravager. The beats follow the next turn, which also sees trike join the fun and the match is over shortly thereafter.

I watched this, there were a lot of misplays and apparently the Japanese just do not mulligan - ever. A few of the Eldrazi players need to learn to count their own tax effects, pretty sure Disenchant would cost 4 with a Thalia and Thorn in play.

@socialite Yeah, in the top 8 there was a long stretch of waiting for the Judge to sort out the Storm pilot having returned Volcanic Island to hand with outcome, and therefore drawing an extra card.

Still, the finals match was good.

The Deck lists for this tournament can be found here on Hareruya's page. link text Looks like it was 68 players.

Some real interesting lists, especially the 2nd highest ranked white eldrazi with Palace Jailer and Razormane masticore, seems like that fellow didn't want to lose to any other fair dude decks.

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