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This is a very playable card in shops. A great 1 of card in a deck that also plays Scrap Trawler for recursion.

This isn't a game changer, but I think it's another nice inclusion to have in the set and something that will see play depending on the meta.

It is a little slow, but playing this and a sphere on turn 1 off shops. Followed by Ravager and Scrap Trawler....well you get the picture.

Taking a time walk against a combo deck is decent, not great, if you can't win the next turn yourself.

This card just seems like it has a place to me.

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Came here to post this. Shops Xantid Swarm seems awesome.

I guess there is room to create something nice.

Why would you want to play this as a 1-off? The earlier and the more you can touch your opponent with the more "time walk" effect you will get.

Workshop decks always want to have more spheres than you opponent mana so they are in a safe spot. This can help as opponent may not have a chance to play ponder/preordain/moxen while you chain threats.
However, this could lead to too much card disadvantage so recursion would be key

A 1 of in a deck with recursion eliminates redundancies while creating a large effect for only 1 of your 75 cards.

The card can be played outside of shops decks as well, it isn't just a shops card. Any deck that has some sort of recursion might want it.

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It seems great in an aggressive Captain Sisay Commander deck.

@gkraigher do not confuse recursion and redundancy. Before involving recursion, you need to play it, this is where redundacy is. This card is also not bad when being redundant as you get a pseudo walk effect

@mickey.nobilis : could be good as a duel commander general

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what did you think it said?

Could see this as a kind of one-sided Defense Grid in combo builds. It reduces opponents life and so storm count until you are ready to go off.

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I was specifically referring to Scrap Trawler......

However, cards like Auriok Salvagers and Renegade Rallier make some sense.

In the metagame, this card will make cards like Null Rod and Goblin Welder more important... which is pretty interesting.

@Smmenen @CHA1N5 I don't share your enthusiasm with this card. Also, I can complain about FUCKING ANYTHING. Lets be real here.


Are you in the right thread?

@gkraigher Commenting on the card (not enthusiastic), and also calling them out on their podcast. LOL

Anyway, Overall this card is not impressive. The format is extremely aggressive, and you can still cast Creatures. And literally anything blocks this thing.


Just anything with flying, Soly. 😛


what's not aggressive about a "Flying Men?" (STRICT UPGRAGE, ICYMI)

You know what hot oscar nominated actresses say about "hope" don't you Soly. "Rebellions are built on it." This card gives me hope, even if it's only fleeting.

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@gkraigher Flying men can not be shattered.

This card is not going to change anything. Maybe someone plays it, but there are plenty of available cards that serve a similar role.

@mdkubiak and @gkraigher
Missed the flying part. My bad.

Every blue deck plays 3+ Mental Mistep.
Most play 3+ Swords to Plowshares And/Or Lightning Bolt .

I'm unimpressed by this card.


I'm being satirical (as well as day drunk)

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