Here in the South suburbs of Denver, we used to have a thriving Vintage scene, with weekly, sanctioned Vintage tournaments. They were prize-less, but also entry-fee less. It was a glorious thing. There were 10 regulars, with at least as many occasional drop ins, and we always had at least six people for a tournament. Then, the owner of the store who ran the tournaments sold the business. The new owner kept running the tournaments for awhile, but attention gradually diminished. Eventually, it shifted to Legacy only. Then, even that dwindled.

Ever since then, on a regular basis, I've tried to rouse up interest in bringing regular Vintage back to the south Denver area. The old guard, however, do not seem super interested in getting the band back together. I've circulated e-mails several times, to no avail. There's a store nearby, Enchanted Grounds, that is happy to host this event. (Littleton location, if I had my choice, but both are good).

Now, I know there is a regular Legacy scene in the area, still, but that's not where the action is. It's Vintage, baby. Besides, we need a place to generate actual playtest data so we can start informative threads on new cards. 😉

So, does anyone here play Vintage in South Denver? Anyone interested in trying to pick up the torch for weekly sanctioned (or even unsanctioned) event?

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