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So, this seems like it could have applications, though it does noting to prevent you from dying to deck out or poison tokens from what I can tell. Will be an interesting thing to flash into play though if that is something that can happen.

Not why I post this however. Does anyone think this has a Sharazad like effect in that it could makes the game go way to long and restart several times, to the point where WOTC may even want to look at it in that regard?

Well it says "instead of losing", so I think that if you were to fail to draw a card, you would not lose.

Wizards frows at Shahrazad because it forces you to create a whole new game space. That's hard to keep track of, besides the time issues. Also, it costs 2.

@Protoaddct This card combos with Channel for silly amounts of mana, but does not give you a new hand like Lich's mirror. I think it's a nobo in any eternal format.

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